In the year1865 May 14 the gr8 Athimoolam chettiar was born to the Land lord Sri Irulappan Chettiar and Smt.Piramu ammal at the village named RAMANATHAPURAM near to ChatraPatti village towards Kovil Patti at Tirunelveli Dist.He had two elder sisters named Miss Subbammal and Parvathy ammal.

Here his elder sister Subbammal married to the business man kasukadai (Jeweler) Sri.Subramanian chettiar of Tirunelveli Town. And his second sister Parvathy ammal married to a land lord of those days at the village called Chatrapatti. And when his father expired by this time the kasukadai Sri Subramanian chettiar and his wife Subbammal called Sri Athimoolam Chettiar to Tirunelveli to work and learn the business of Kasu kadai (Jeweler shop) business and he was at that time of only 11 yrs.

Sri Athimoolam chettiar was a sincere, smart and hard worker under Sri.Subramanian Chettiar and his jeweler shop. He used to bring Tambirabarani water to his uncle for drinking and he used to wash his personnel clothing’s of Sri Subramanian chettiar.The loyalty and sincerity made and induced to this Athimoolam chettiar to learn the business of Gold jewellery sales,broking,and also learnt the critical making of the gold ornaments by his uncle Sri Subramanian chettiar.

Those days due to the non-availability of conveyances all the customers used to visit jewellery shops by their mattu vandi, villu vandi by the late evenings only. And all the Jewellery shops are enlightens with hurricane lamps and few had the Royal British Globe lights or otherwise maximum shops uses the hurricane lamps only.

Due to the late arrivals of customers from far away distances like Tenkasi,Kovil patti,Chencottai,Tiruchendur and Tuticorin.The customers were of British royal customers of administrators, police officials,jamindars,land lords, British Indian sewaks.Sri Athimoolam chettiar used to help and guides these customers to comes to the jewellery shops to buy and sell good old valuable gold ornaments.

Due to these interactions with customers and the business community he used to get the commissions on broking and sales and purchase of old ornaments from them.
This extra ordinary money was saved by him was under the control of his elder sister Subbammal. And his sister Subbammal had a son named Sri Ganapathy chettiar who was doing export and import business to Srilanka and those days are called Colombo business.