Hari s from Palayamkottai a naughty and chutti payyan of todays elements. Am met him at his aunty residence at Chidambaram when we are all assembled to witness the SALANGAI Poojai of Miss.Avanthika on 08 Jun 2013. Avanthika was n full buzy with her rehearsals. but we are also visited the Lord natrajar temple morning and eveng by walk and belssed 2 see the lovely poojas,alangarams and abhisekams hm and also blessed with Venpongal prasadam or thayir sadham at the temple. But n da leisure hours Our hari was counting mangoes of our neighbours resi and stated total 53 are there and planning 2 tap. But he is not getting any instruments to pluck those lovely and half riped mangoes on the neighbours residence. However all elders queried his sarrows and found the rite solutions. Then he has picked a dried coconut long butt and tried to dash that mangoes but still its heavy and Hari is not n da position 2 pluck those mangoes. Now his grandpa gave an idea to reduce the weight of the coconut branch by cutting its leaves etc etc. He brought a sickle from the storage which was never used for decade. And her paatti said dei hari antha aruvazha theetiitu use pannuda etc etc. he was sharpening that blunted sickle and unable to do so. Becaz he talks so muchhhhhhhhhh but never done any job n his home. so i undertook the sharpening job and succeeded 20 % only how ever that was enough to cut the leaves of the coconut tree leaves. again 2-3 persons were supporting Hari 2 dash that reddish half ripened mangoes of neighbour by sitting on the sit outs at his aunts house. he used all his force 2 hit the mangoes and one by one dropped on his neighbours resi only? Then whatttttttttt? next episode we can read ok