What a surprises on the TNEB electricians have been unauthorsedly called by his co-worker to set his home line o use Un authorised motors and watyer pumps for operations.As the co worker also taking risks of himself and climbed on the poll No C-27 of ward No 2 on 30 Nov 06 without putting off the MAIN TRANSFORMER and also without hand glouse removed the live wires from the said house cleaned nicely and re-conects to two different out puts for their selfish gains of the EB workers.If the housing line power has gone for all houses then also the ClassIV workers residences the power supply never goes out.Is this tricks to enjoy as a electrioans of so called uneducated labourers of TNEB is objectionables and his Human safety to be observed atmost by his Departments and request mis use of current.Ofcourse the current itself as a GOOD SERVANT BUT BAD MASTERS.So by then also why these bad masters were not looked after for his safety and security on the 440 Volts main lines??????