Maha Sri Athimoolam chettiar become very rich in his native Tirunelveli- Town due to his hard works,sincerity,loyalty,capability,reliability,kind heartedness,humbleness,made him to become one of the rich family of this small town of erstwhile British Raj.

But at the same times his behaviors towards small vendors, rickshaw wallas, cart pullers, head carrying coolies were so arrogant that they used to abuse him for the forceful collections of his share dues or called tickets in the vegetable markets contracts to collect levy on entry and exit during those days.

His robust body with heavy muscles makes others to fear and without any excuses these vegetable vendors and workers of all kind including rich and poor farmers, vendors.coolies etc will pay his dues without fails. They do know the consequences of not paying his dues make him to angry and he will drive them out from the vegetable marketing areas and so on.

Due to his toughness he used to enjoy rich harvest on daily collections and if any one not in the positions to pay he used to pulls his whole lot of vegetables to his home on behalf of the dues etc.

Due to these activities his house used to have plenty of vegetables, fruits, banana leafs, and even some times masalas even. So due to this excessive vegetables and masalas his housekeeping ladies were very glad and happy to prepare food for all at anytime and everytimes.Hence lot of guests from relatives and friends from all walks of life used to have food with him always. And he was very kind enough to have food with all at his Durbar hall.

Those days in summer the peoples of Tamil Nadu used to have their diets as Rahi, cholam, kambu etc only. And very few peoples of the city or very rich only used to have Rice as their food habitations. When his relatives from far away villages comes to Tirunelveli town only they gets rice and vegetables as a very rich diets. And also they used to surprise as Athimoolam chettiars family have Rice only through out the year as a diet. So when they reach to their villages they used to tell others about the richness of Athimoolam chettiar and his kindness towards them.

And a hot brew coffee was another luxury of their diets. Coffee made on big vessels with coffee powder and karuppatti (Local sugar made of Palm trees) and kept at all the times to the visitors to drink and enjoy. Globe lightings on his Durbar halls were the subjects of talking at their village. Hurricane lamps at each room and as a night lamps was a biggest stories among villagers.

And his sons were studying along with his Anglo-Indian friends children’s at Great high Schools at MADURAI THIRAVIYAM THAYUMANAVAR HINDU COLLEGE SCHOOLS at Tirunelveli-Junctions.
So due to his richness his sons were studied up to and X std in schools, and his second son was read up to Degree level during those days. But his girl children’s were not appreciated to study more than 8 std.And those days the gals get married at the age of 13-15 yrs and so the educations were rejected to them.

And he had a kasumalai printing machines to print design like coins on the gold ornaments and it yielded good income. Many artisans used to visit his house to do the jobs and pay him enough.

And his imported Carbon paper production machine was the rarest one in the town and every shop keepers, offices and schools used to buy from him only and that earned lot for him.

And he rented his house first floor to the Register Office and that earned him good money and name as registrar’s house. And also he has taken a agency to sell All Government Of India{Erstwhile British Raj }Stamp to sell alone in the town gave him or fetched him enough rolling cash.

Further his both sisters were brought huge amount in cash and ornaments when their husbands were died and they came to him and handed over all properties to him and settled for ever with him. Like that many ways and means the cash flow was maintained by him and that’s hard works made him to be one of the rich men in the town.