The village of Tachanallur is surrounded by luster green paddy fields. Many young folks are employed on these paddy fields only. And another lot of gals and families are interlinked with beedi rolling in their homes. And few hundreds were employed as artisan as a brass utensil makers. These brass vessels were even exported to Srilanka, Malaya, and Singapore during early 1960′s.And the small and medium textile industries were formed during late Mr. Kamaraj periods. To work on the textile mills many ladies and gents were recruited and trained well .and these work forces were settled in and around Tachanallur.
They are the real time cash flowers in our village. How ever these workers were treated as temporary workers by the mill owners. After few years of their sincere employments they were converted into permanent employees of the mills called/s Ganapathy Mills (P) Ltd, Sankar mills (P) Ltd, and Nellai Cotton Mills of co operative mills by the Govt.of Tamil nadu.
As whole these mills had around 1500 workers and the mill and workers were flourishing. During this periods due to unawareness of the Family Planning’s these labourers had more than 8 to 10 children per family. The income is from one side but their expenses were increases in many folds. Particularly effected by the Women employees.In every pregnancy and related problems they were not regulars to their jobs and that’s makes their salary reductions. Two to three months leaves on deliveries and sickness,less payments more expenses on these fields were faced by them a lot. If the monthly earnings are become hand to mouth and if a sick or social functions they used 2 take loan from the local money lenders who charges extraordinary than the main markets. The rate of interest is being paid by these laborers is 12.5% to 15% per monthThe salaries are less and the interest rates are more these labourers are unable to reach their homes because of the rowdy elements of the money lenders. Even after receiving their monthly salaries there are many labourers never comes out from the factories main gates. If they come out from the main gates the rowdy elements snatch the whole salary of the labourers to fulfill their interest dues. So this frightened employees used to scale down the mill compound walls at the rear of the factory and abscond for many days. The money for the families was supplied through their friends and so on.In one occasion I have been witnessing the rowdy elements with their bosses’ties a towel and dhotis on their customer’s neck and they drag them out from the main gates of the mills to snatch the salary to replace or repayments of the interest dues.What a shame on the man kind??Like this way the atrocities were crossing it limitations. So every worker was fed up of the treatments meted out by these money lenders. So they have decided to fight it out themselves.Repeated police complaints were no use and no actions being taken or the police may be un- able to control the atrocities meted out to the fellow Indian labors It was the year 1961 in the fine morning first money lender and great cruel money lender  Mr. Krishna Naidu have been hacked to death at Tachanallur near Kodahan channel. Followed by Mr.Sankara Naidu have been hacked to death by a sickle by a unknown assailant. So with in a month or so these cruel money lenders were eliminated from their life.And followed by this events In Our village the so called proud and rowdy elements were scared and they are all ran away from the village .So due to this eliminations by the people of Tachanallur in the year 1960 a grand Deepavali were celebrated in the houses of all farm workers, mill workers, farmers, beedi workers, children’s and families were fearlessly celebrated Deepavali in their homes. So that was the real and cheerful Deepavali for us. “HAPPY DEEPAVALI” to all the readers.