During this period of 1964-1979 there are many events took place in our family. As am was expected my results of SSLC exams in the month of May 1964 and I have been declared passed with 322/500 marks. With this result I had been to my uncle’s residence at VirudhuNagar for his advice on job support and guidance.

He and his family was in peak hours of their life and enjoying the power of the chair as An Asst.Commercial tax officer. As I went to his house as a guest without honor only.
How ever he was very happy to receive me and gave new clothing’s and good foods, and shown a Tamil Cinema in free of cost as for his power and I have stayed in his house for few days. And at last I have requested him to give me a Good Conduct Certificate for applying few jobs at Madurai private companies. Where as he flatly refused and said as u r my son inquest/so I can not give u certificate of any kind to me and he asked me to approach anyone from Tirunelveli. By hearing these words I have lost my hearts on him and how a uncle of me said I can not certify u on my good conduct .If it’s really a case he should have taken the said certificate from his sub-ordinates or his high ups to me. Where as his refusal to arrange a contact certificate I lost my all hopes on him and his family.

At last I came back from Virudhunagar I have approached a gazette officer from Temples and endowment officer of Swami Nellaippar Temples on Jul 1964.Still I remembers the said officers wordings, As”Thambhi with my Good conduct Certificate If u can fetch a job Please thanks to Lord Nellaiappa only”. That simple kindness, whole hearted helping natures of the Tamil Nadu Govt.Gazetted officers were helpful to many poor children’s like me.

With that conduct certificate I have applied for joining in Indian Air Force as a Technician, attended twice the recruitments at Madurai and at Chencottai.Ofcourse At Checotah I have passed and called for interviews at Chennai for minor medical checks up and call letter will be given later. During this period I was in my home helping hands to all my younger brothers and sister and carrying out all type of jobs including cooking to my lovely family.

In the spare timings I used to chat with a friend Mr.Vairavan who was running a Laundry shop opposite to my home at Madurai road as NH-07 at Tachanallur. Many of family members and our so called relatives start abusing me as am in contact with low class community as dhobi and I shall not be permitted to enter their house etc

I have least worried about their feelings and calling me as dhobi and etc were rejected by me and against their wishes and feelings and become so close with him. So maximum times I used to be in that laundry and do the needful to him.

In quite belief on me and my integrity he used to leave the shop on my supervision and he used to go to the river Tambiranharani for his washing jobs. So I used to employ gentlemen Dhobi is called as Mr. Mookkan for daily wages. Due to his helping hands the laundry grows as expected. Now slowly and steadily the laundry become very famousfor its regular, routine and timely delivery and Peoples of Tachanallur Calling as Vairavan’s dry cleaners. So my stay with him kept his business used to grow in many folds. When the cloths arrivals for beyond his capacity I have advised to him to employ a man for washing on contract basis. Due to this and all we become so close friends beyond all abuses and hating of my relatives and society of Tachanallur.They used to call me as a younger brother of Vairavan only, which have taken by me as proud. So with the help of My friend Vairavan I have got a chance to visit Madurai and Chencottai for the in IAF was achieved at last on 10 November 1964.