When self and my elder brother were drove away from her home at Tirunelveli-Town at Sudalai Madan koil street we have vexed and cried little without knowing to others and decided that we shall never enters her home even though she invites. By this time we are studying in IX std my self and X std by my elder in the high school is called Madurai Dhiraviyam Thayumanavar Hindu college high school at Tirunelveli.Jn

In the next year that is 1963-64 our aunt MS.Gandhmathiammal’s marriage was arranged by our dad MR.KSN. Gomathi Nayagam Chettiar. Marriage dates were fixed, ornaments were all polished, clothigs for bride and grooms all have been purchased at the Gr8 RMKV & Sons. Marriage saree of around 500.00 rupees of Kancheepuram silk saree and other sarees required for the marriage ceremony and all were bought and kept in my grand ma’s house.

Hardly 15-18 days only left out for marriage of our aunt. Aunt was on her dreams joy and gladness surrounded the home of my grand ma’s residence.

Mean while a tragedy took place in our house. As my dad Mr. KSN Gomathy nayagam Chettiar passed away and had gone to heavenly abode and thus kept us in peril.
The reasons for his sudden death are not yet known and he was cremated with remarkable silence and fervors. He left behind his wife Smt.G Ponnukutty ammal and her four sons and a daughter.

The whole house was in peril for our day 2 day income stands still. And we all feared lot to exist in this world of poverty and loss of support to the children’s when we are yet to grow. The relatives who come for condolences were abusing us by saying we have killed our father and what not. Every one in our family was stunned to hear the wordings and hoardings of other relatives to us. Some how we were tolerating this abuses by publics and continued our studies in our schools with a Mottai (Clean shaven heads) to condole to our expired dad.

In one side we feel shame to come out with mottai to schools because everyone starts calling us as Mottai brothers and on. Due to the sudden demise of our father we were not aware of the date of the marriage of our aunt.

One fine evening we were coming along and through the Tirunelveli.railway station here we find our maximum relations were gathered to see of the newly married couples to Chennai by the Nellai express at the No 4 Plat form of Tirunelveli jn railway station.
When we about to cross them every one were pointing out on us telling each others something good or bad about us and they laugh’s a while. In that lot of relatives some one was calling us to see the newly married couples and get blesses from them. By seeing that actions my bloods were entered into my ears and unable to control our angers we left that place immediately by running only. When every thing was arranged by our dad for that marriage but due to his sudden demise we the grieved family was not invited and even a formal invitations were extended to us.
Under these circumstances how we shall able to see those newly wedded couples and their blessings? Of course till to day that event at railway stations are live in our mind and Soul. How ever the long periods of 41 years are gone but the feelings what I have felt is not going away from my mind?