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March 2006

When Mrs.Athimoolam chettiar’s first wife expired he was around 44 years old. Many were trying to get him re-married and got their daughters to get a good and jovial life. But Sri Athimoolam Chettiar was totally refused.

But due to his friends and the itch on human urge he had a contact with a lady from Maravar community .Life was so nice during this period of enjoyments with lot of thrills and whirl winds. Because he was a important guy in his community and very knowledgeable personality on his gold broking and Carbon Paper manufacturing proprietor, he was very carefully having the intensive and confidential contact with her and enjoying and dying for her.

Here in those society of land lords and richers,jamindars,pannaiyars,good govt staffs were having their own pet gals .Actually these pet gals are from the community of deva dasis who were sacrificed her lives to the Lord Nellaiappa temples with dance and music’s performers. Those gals were well educated on music and dance and perform every day at the Lord Nellaiappar temples. The audiences were of poor land workers, shop keepers, govt staffs, and other ordinary citizens of Nellai and surroundings.

As these dancers were very beautiful, fragranced, danced, singing all type of songs and mostly attractive women’s of those days. Who also needs their urges and requirements of cash crunch professions of dancing for the temples for meager income? so they were trying to attract those big or sound parties on their folds for their satisfactions and the well payments with allotments of good houses, ornaments and rice paddy for their lively hoods were arranged by their lover boys.

These are the things were well explained in our history but SriAthimoolam chettiar also involves with a gal. Through her he has got a male child and he might have very happy 2 see his first son through her alive for many years. When these activities are known to his sisters they were angry and shock on her brothers activities. Hence they were requested to re-marry or your characteristic will be spoilt and on. Due to the pressure and self feelings on good morale characteristic of Sri.Athimoolam Chettiar finally agreed to re-marriage

As per his sisters choice a beautiful gal and also closely related to his elders sisters family
Was arranged and betrothal ceremony also contacted. But during and after this betrothal ceremony the gal was so much crying, weepings and not co operative with her parents because her age was only 15 and Sri Athimoolam chettiar was 45 yrs old. Due to this age factors she was fighting with her parents that you are forcing me to marry a old man and he is equal to my grand father and so I shall not marry him .But the parents of the gal were convinced her with the richness, enjoyments on cash, lands and paddy fields, many houses on rentals were all for u and u enjoy for ever etc. And at last the beautiful gal was agreed to marry Sri Athimmolam chettiar.Her name was?? In the next episode pls

When Sri Athimoolam chettiar purchased the house of 155, V.o.c Street at present under Tirunelveli Corporation the luck was also favored him much. Here he has married a well to do gal from Tachanallur, Grand pudhu theru as Miss.Auudaiammal. marriages were conducted for five days with band and music’s and all VIP’s of the city were invited.100’s of cars were arrived for his marriage and all were parked in the full length of the VOC Street.100’s of varieties of food and articles were prepared and served well to the invitees.

Marriage processions on four horsed chariots started at early morning and he was decorated as King of the island and 100’s of gals were singing and dancing around the chariot. And when the procession reached his street 1000’s of crackers was lid and the whole city was under thuds from the marriage cracking.

And both the newly married couples were enjoyed the worldly family needs and they have blessed with ten good children’s on those days. But unfortunately and shockingly
all kids were died one after another due to non-availability of medical facilities during those periods as well as mortality rate of infant kids were more during those periods. How ever at the delivery times of eleventh child his loving wife Mrs. Avudaiammal Athimoolam Chettiar also died instantly

So when no kids had a very good luck to stay with him and at last his beloved wife also left him and reached heavenly abode. At this time he was around 45 yrs old. He is getting well off due to the Tirunelveli Municipal vegetable marketing contractor. Then on gold ornaments on good productions. Gold KASUMALAI printing machine he had and so many Goldsmiths used to come to him and started making that wonderful and delicate KASUMALAI.

Then he learn’t the technology know how from his British friends and he had imported a machine to make a carbon paper manufacturing. So due to this type of business activities he has become very rich among His community and the city of Tirunelveli-town.

So when his wife has expired many rich and beautiful girls’ parents want to get marry his or their daughters thereby the gal will get a very good life among the society. But he was reluctant to marry again.

By this time his elder sisters husbands were died and both the sisters become widowers with lot of moveable and immoveable properties they come down to her brothers residence for shelters.

And here those sisters were forced him marry another gal to re start his life. So with half heartedly and only for sisters advices he could not avoid and so he has agreed for the second marriage.

Sri Athimoolam chettiar with lot of struggles bought a house at 155, at present V, O, C.Street in the year 1900 .But the problems faced in the house was well known to him. The predecessors seen a MUNI and or called Ghosts in the house and they walk and baths at nights in the well behind the house and the sound of crying baby with a gal laughing and salangai oli and all were all noticed by them. Particularly the ladies of erst while Nattu kottai chettiyar families were witnessed many activities of the so called MUNI or Ghosts during their tenure in the house therefore to sell the house are the one of the reason. How ever Athimoolam chettiar knowingly bought this house on his name because he don’t worry for this type of activities or fear for that.

How ever his sister advice he has brought MANTHRAVATHI’S from kerala to arrest the activities of the said MUNI and to make them neutralize the powers of them. And in turn to neutralize the power of the so powerful MUNI’s the kerala Manthreekars advice he has constructed a LORD GANESH Temple in front of the house entrance and so named as ATHIMOOLA VANAYAGAR TEMPLE.

Since the erection of a Lord Vinayagar temple balanced the said MUNI’s powers and activities. How ever the said Muni has taken a oath from the manthreehas that every month on black moon day poojas with milk to be done and they will be allowed to stay on the very big neem tree at the rear entrance of the said house. And also they have promised that they never do any harm to the inmates of the house for seven generations and so on. And till date no harm we have seen and or witnessed the activities of the so called MUNI’s.But regular poojas and punaskarams with milk to the MUNI’s being performed with out fail.

Of course many normal deaths and abnormal deaths took place during these 100 years of the MUNI’S existence in that house. But so far no one has blamed the MUNI’S for the abnormal deaths even. Here what am mean to say is the abnormal deaths are like, a murder, a suicides, killings and many normal deaths took place in the house since it’s taken over by Sri Athimoolam Chettiar.

How ever a bad notions still prevails as the name of mental absence, is effected to the at least one member of the so called Sri Athimoolam Chettiar And sons family members being effected with the MUNI’s activities that’s what the family members feels.

Sri Athimoolam chettiar was employed from 1876 to 1900 he was hard earnings in the Kasukadai of Sri .Subramanian chettiar and firm. His ability to earn professional brokerage from the sellers of old ornaments and buyers of latest and ordered ornaments of jamindars,land lords for their loved ones with out the knowledge of their family members.

On completions of the said and ordered ornaments were delivered by him and was earning enough broking charges. Those British days Indian Rupees were denominated as under

64 paisa 1 silver rupee
4 quarter Annas = 1 Anna
16 Annas 1 Silver rupee
08 two Annas 1silver rupee
04 four Annas 1 silver rupee
With this type of denominations and shortage of coining very rare peoples used to give tips and or called brokerage charges. Within these small petty collections of money he has saved with his elder sister Subbammal.

Now Sri Athimoolam chettiar grown up with fantastic body, tall and majecsticlooks. And he had his Samaritan friends, philosopher and also related Sri.Swamy Nathan chettiar, Sri.Chooriyan Chettiar were `in search of a residential house for them. Now they heard the house on sales at Therkku puthu theru door No 155 of Messer’s Nattukottai chetti house. These trios visited the house and heard the feelings of the house and the reasons to sale etc.And the house owner said to them the value of this house is 3,000.00 silver rupees. And who comes first will be served first with 1,500.00 silver rupees early will be given the rite of purchase of the said house.

Every one was in confusions and confessions of not having the big silver rupees of those days. Everyone was interested to buy the house but the financial positions of each others were known to everyone.

In the late night when he came to his uncle’s house with lot of worries and missing of the house for want of only 1500.00 silver rupees He could not sleeps well. When seen by his brothers problems his sister asked him why do his worries so much and on Sri Athimoolam Chettiar explained his feels. Immediately his sister Subbammal took him to the store rooms where his hard earned money was stored in underground. When they counted the earnest of his life long savings wow wow!!!

They counted and re-counted and found more than his brother’s requirements. Immediately she told him to hand over the 1500.00 silver rupees to Messer’s Nattukottai chettiar residence at the midnight of the june1900.And he has achieved the target of getting a dream house of his own. The next day morning his other friends were collected the silver rupees of 1500.00 and reached to the Messer’s Nattukottai chettiyars house. They were shocked and surprised to hear Sri Athimoolam chettiar was handed over the said Silver rupees last night itself so I have promised to sell this house to Sri.Athimoolam chettiar only.

As per his wordings the said house at the 155 VOC Street was registered on his name.

In the year1865 May 14 the gr8 Athimoolam chettiar was born to the Land lord Sri Irulappan Chettiar and Smt.Piramu ammal at the village named RAMANATHAPURAM near to ChatraPatti village towards Kovil Patti at Tirunelveli Dist.He had two elder sisters named Miss Subbammal and Parvathy ammal.

Here his elder sister Subbammal married to the business man kasukadai (Jeweler) Sri.Subramanian chettiar of Tirunelveli Town. And his second sister Parvathy ammal married to a land lord of those days at the village called Chatrapatti. And when his father expired by this time the kasukadai Sri Subramanian chettiar and his wife Subbammal called Sri Athimoolam Chettiar to Tirunelveli to work and learn the business of Kasu kadai (Jeweler shop) business and he was at that time of only 11 yrs.

Sri Athimoolam chettiar was a sincere, smart and hard worker under Sri.Subramanian Chettiar and his jeweler shop. He used to bring Tambirabarani water to his uncle for drinking and he used to wash his personnel clothing’s of Sri Subramanian chettiar.The loyalty and sincerity made and induced to this Athimoolam chettiar to learn the business of Gold jewellery sales,broking,and also learnt the critical making of the gold ornaments by his uncle Sri Subramanian chettiar.

Those days due to the non-availability of conveyances all the customers used to visit jewellery shops by their mattu vandi, villu vandi by the late evenings only. And all the Jewellery shops are enlightens with hurricane lamps and few had the Royal British Globe lights or otherwise maximum shops uses the hurricane lamps only.

Due to the late arrivals of customers from far away distances like Tenkasi,Kovil patti,Chencottai,Tiruchendur and Tuticorin.The customers were of British royal customers of administrators, police officials,jamindars,land lords, British Indian sewaks.Sri Athimoolam chettiar used to help and guides these customers to comes to the jewellery shops to buy and sell good old valuable gold ornaments.

Due to these interactions with customers and the business community he used to get the commissions on broking and sales and purchase of old ornaments from them.
This extra ordinary money was saved by him was under the control of his elder sister Subbammal. And his sister Subbammal had a son named Sri Ganapathy chettiar who was doing export and import business to Srilanka and those days are called Colombo business.

It was the year 1990-95 in the forward air base at northern part of India i was posted as a supervisor of a technical trade. The trade so called technical but technology was so much lacking. During my posting there an incident is deeply explained here with.

That forward Squadron had totally six members team. The team consists of one master warrant officer, four junior warrant officers and a junior non-commissioned officer.
Out of this lot all except the Junior non commissioned officer everyone was on low medical category and medically unfit to works on forward bases and physically weak and unable to carry out their day -to-day jobs of the forward base.

Under this circumstances I had been voluntarily attached me 2 the forward base squadron to learn and works for the services. As our working hours starts at 0700 hrs in the mornings and we never knew what times we shall reach our homes. The tasks were plenty to carry out.

Aircrafts flies and brings the sorties to us by 1200 hrs or so and the commander wants the results by pack up time. Everything has carried out only on manually processing and so it will consumes minimum four hours to complete a mission. As all the staffs supervisors of the forward base are of low medical category myself and a real worker is so called CPL.Nagarajan used to works in the dark rooms for hours together to complete our missions and hand over the sorties to the authorities.

One fine mornings after our completion of our works in the dark rooms we just sipping a cup of coffee at the unit canteen the so called CPL.Nagarajan asked me, that” Sir you and me works in the same dark rooms, and we share the total works and developments together” but you have been paid more than the double of my payments sir. Donna feels the injustice to the co-workers like me.

Of course his feeling was while working together the same amount of loads shared by me and him are same why the disparity between us for payments structures?
Here I have to explains him the justifications to him that Mr.Nagarajan
you are a corporal of Indian Air Force had the total services of 6 years and seven months and you are recognized by the Indian Air Force as a technical workers that’s why you have been paid this much.

Where as being the junior warrant officer having the service of 27 years in the Indian Air Force I have been recognized as a supervisor to supervise u and get the job done only and it’s never said I have to works with u in the dark rooms for hours together and so on. How ever due to paucity of working hands in your operational squadron am here to works voluntarily along with you to share your work loads and relief to u only.ofcourse at later stage he could understood my explanations.

How ever now my feelings with that operational squadron is when the unit holds five supervisors of low medical category and they are all senior to me by all means and their payments were also more and they never worked for the squadron still how they enjoy and or how they are allowed to enjoy and earns all perks and payments from the operational squadrons is still wonder for me only??
It’s all a RIAF proverbs as:


After the independence of our nation from British even after 59 years also we follows the work force divisive policies or what??

It was the year 1990-95 in the forward air base at northern part of India i was posted as a supervisor of a technical trade. The trade so called technical but technology was so much lacking. During my posting there an incident is deeply explained here with.

That forward Squadron had totally six members team. The team consists of one master warrant officer, four junior warrant officers and a junior non-commissioned officer.
Out of this lot all except the Junior non commissioned officer everyone was on low medical category and medically unfit to works on forward bases and physically weak and unable to carry out their day -to-day jobs of the forward base.

Under this circumstances I had been voluntarily attached me 2 the forward base squadron to learn and works for the services. As our working hours starts at 0700 hrs in the mornings and we never knew what times we shall reach our homes. The tasks were plenty to carry out.

Aircrafts flies and brings the sorties to us by 1200 hrs or so and the commander wants the results by pack up time. Everything has carried out only on manually processing and so it will consumes minimum four hours to complete a mission. As all the staffs supervisors of the forward base are of low medical category myself and a real worker is so called CPL.Nagarajan used to works in the dark rooms for hours together to complete our missions and hand over the sorties to the authorities.

One fine mornings after our completion of our works in the dark rooms we just sipping a cup of coffee at the unit canteen the so called CPL.Nagarajan asked me, that” Sir you and me works in the same dark rooms, and we share the total works and developments together” but you have been paid more than the double of my payments sir. Donna feels the injustice to the co-workers like me.

Of course his feeling was while working together the same amount of loads shared by me and him are same why the disparity between us for payments structures?
Here I have to explains him the justifications to him that Mr.Nagarajan
you are a corporal of Indian Air Force had the total services of 6 years and seven months and you are recognized by the Indian Air Force as a technical workers that’s why you have been paid this much.

Where as being the junior warrant officer having the service of 27 years in the Indian Air Force I have been recognized as a supervisor to supervise u and get the job done only and it’s never said I have to works with u in the dark rooms for hours together and so on. How ever due to paucity of working hands in your operational squadron am here to works voluntarily along with you to share your work loads and relief to u only.ofcourse at later stage he could understood my explanations.

How ever now my feelings with that operational squadron is when the unit holds five supervisors of low medical category and they are all senior to me by all means and their payments were also more and they never worked for the squadron still how they enjoy and or how they are allowed to enjoy and earns all perks and payments from the operational squadrons is still wonder for me only??
It’s all a RIAF proverbs as:


After the independence of our nation from British even after 59 years also we follows the work force divisive policies or what??

I have roamed all over India and had variety of North Indians, Eastern India, Western India and also south Indians Rotti for our lunch, dinners, and break fasts. The commonly known rottis of Uttar Pradesh of chukka rotti, western India’s Naans and butter naans, Punjabis Tandoori rotis and Eastern India’s Dahi rottis are basically same. But the preparations are little differs from others various methods.

In Uttar Pradesh rotti is made in kitchens or out of kitchen at the burning of cow dung heating. Actually cow dung’s are original fire powers of farmers so, when these fire powers are on the rottis are made of Wheat flour and salt to taste and rolled very thick of the paste and directly heated over the live fire.

In Punjab and Northern Indian rottis are made up of wheat flours rolled and thickly flattened and put inside the earthen ovens kept upside down over the fire and the flattened rottis are put over the earthen pots and got cooked nicely. And in other parts of Punjab and Delhi surroundings the same rottis are made and flattened and kept inside the fire like boilers and the fire is in all sides burning with charcoal and heat will be enormous and the rottis are carried in a long handled spoons and kept the bottom of the fire .So with in a fractions of a second the cooked rotis are taken out and served with hot spots.

Of course the same rotis are if dried its god only can chew that. Where as in South India particularly in Tamil nadu and exactly if we want to say at Tirunelveli the rotti and chalnas are differs from other part of India. In south Indians prefers only rice and its related dishes. So when this rotti and chalna arrived in late 1957-58s in Tirunelveli.
Many stories were on to hear. How this rotti and chalna enters into Tamil Nadu and especially in the vegetarian’s field of Tirunelveli? Is still wondering only. How ever these Tirunelveli Tamilians are very famous for their eateries.

They will spend 2/3 of their earnings to eateries and left out to the silk Sarees are the one of the surveys made by erst while British Governments during pre-independence era.

They use all varieties of masalas to prepare the chalnas.Here Chalnas are very liquid in semi solids in state with all masalas are grinded with coconut also added with attractive to create lot of aroma on the chalna to attracts the public.

Here I shall infirm u all concerned to note the spl preparations of Rotti and chalna in the regions of Nellai is given below for your self and easy preparations.

To prepare Rotti for 6 persons the following items are required:

Maida flour cleaned _ 1 kg

Oil for mixing and toughening-200 Gms

Curd for mixing - 200 gms

Mix the Maida flours with oil and curd and if needs add little water to mix well like toughs. And keep aside for an hour. Add required salt to taste.

Then the tastier Chalna Preparations required the following ingredients:

Red chilies 50 Gms
Coconut grinded into paste 01 full
Ground nut 100 Gms
Poppy seeds (kas kas) 50 Gms
Black peppers 1 teaspoon
Jeera 1 Teaspoon
Onion large 1 kg chopped
Lasoon 50 gms
Ginger 50 Gms
Garam masala:
Lavang 12 No
Elaichi 12 Nos
Dal Cheeni 4 inch long i peace
Meals maker 100 Gms
Vegetables if u r vegetarian chalna should be of vegetarian taste
Potato 500 gms cut and chopped
Carrot 250 gms cut and chopped
Beans 250 Gms cut into 1 inch in length
Butter beans seeds or green mutters100 Gms
Curry leaves as required 1 punch
Dhania leafs 2 bundles

Masala Powders:

Dhania powder 25 Gms,
Turmeric Powder 5 Gms
Salt to taste

Now the methods of preparations Chalna:

First with little oil fries the item Nos from 1-6, and grind them nicely and while grinding add the 7-9 and grind them into a thin paste. Keep aside and again fry the garam masalas SL no 10 to 12 also fry and grind them separate. cut all the vegetables as per your requirements and fry little onions on the thawa (frying pan) and add the all the grinded masalas one by one and add enough water to add as a paste.Cocunuts are to be grinded in pasty firm and adds into it and add boiled vegetables or put the vegetables on the liquids. And boil them for few minutes. Now add all garam masala paste with that and last only u should add the coconuts and add salt to taste and add meal makers in and after it boils and u will feels a wonderful smell in and around your kitchen. That means your Chalna is ready to eat and enjoy.
Rotti making will be expressed little later.

It was the year 1955 October 06 the great Deepavali expected very eagerly by the school childrens,kith and kins of farmers,beedi workers, shepherd ,money lenders and mill workers. All were waiting for this deepavali festivals should come and their houses at least lighted during that night by Hurricane lamps, in some rich houses with petromax lanterns etc.

Very few house holds are electrified in our village. And they also will put their electric lamps off during those normal nights due to paucity of money. Some puts their lights off during normal nights due to avoid envy from the villagers and few again puts off their light due to their stinginess at least during the day of deepavali nights on a day before and day after deepavali these three days the whole village is lighted so bright like little havens in India.

School kids like me used to dreams on Deepavali as the lights, new dress, oil bath, snacks like urd vada,Masal vada,Bujji,Suchiyam,Pottato Bonda,Mysore bonda,Athirasam ,coconut burfies,Murukku.Then kuzhal,Seedai,Thattai,and many more varieties. If we dreams and we express our feels to our lovely parents on our will and wishes.Ofcourse if we express our feels little early they may arrange out of these snacks one or two definitely. But 99% our fortune’ s never supported us why because maximum years the mill owners refuse to pay the bonus to their employees, and many formal talks will be carried out between mill workers association members /leaders with Mills administrators. But finale is that the so called leaders of the Mill workers associations will have something behind the doors in collaboration with mill owners and deceive the poor workers.

And that also the so called leaders will instigate the workers to carry out the sit-in-strikes, dharnas, fast unto death etc activities. The poor workers are on the name of their associations carry out these activities and final result is there the mill owners will lockout the mills and by forcefully they throw these poor workers out of their premises.

What I have observed during the period of 1955-1964 more than seven or eight years we could not celebrate the so called Light festivals as Deepavali.Due to the strikes-lock outs-no bonus-and no payments. When no cash flow with villagers during this festivals what we can celebrate the festivals? During this seasons the mills on strikes and owners closed their factories no payments to the employees, hence no cash flow with the village and the cunning money lenders like Mr.Gopal Naidu, Mr.Sankara Naidu, Mr. Kili Naidu, and Mr.Ahzwar Naidu and their associates were flourish their business on money lending to the poor mill workers who is suffering for a day to day life during this striking periods. Does u know the interest rate of this kind of money lenders? 12.5% per month dear.

Once I had been to this money lender is called Naina or Mr.Sakara Naidu for the amount of 100/-.rupee and he forced me to walk around his resi 50 times or more to lend the 100 rupees that also advance interest of Rs 12.50havebeen cut andpaidmeonly 87.5 rupees only. Due to this event I have to gotohis every month the interest of 12.5 rupees with out fail. Like that I have paid interest alone for more than 20 months are so.

Atlas one wonder took place with labor officer of so called State Govt.and the mill owners-and the mill workers associations leaders a tripartite agreements took place and whole mill workers of my village around 1200 families were paid 8.5%as bonusinthe1963 Deepavali festivals. During that also 95% of the workers were forced to paytheir interest with capital of one hundred rupees along with balances to that bloody money lenders and our parents were reached homes with empty hands with lot of sorrows in their faces.
So Gentleman in this type of conditions still prevails in our villages of India.

So Can we find a solutions to solve these social injustice done to the poor mill workers, Beedi worker and so on and on?

During 1955 the street light at Tachanallur Panchayat was on a globe lighting systems.
Every street corners and centre of long streets are provided with Street lights of globe systems. These glass globes are positioned over stone pillars of about 6- 8 feet in height
and well secured with nuts and bolts at it base. A window for lighting on the glass globe is provided for lighting at evenings by a light man.

The methodogy used to burns the globe lights are of high tech lighting in those days. A glass globe is filled with half water at the bottom of its base. In between the base and the top of the globe is a metal rod is fitted with a small hole in the center. A cotton thread have its 100 or so beats9Cores) are rolled and kept lying on the water. Before placing, the cotton burners are nicely soaked in oil and inserted in the small holes at the center.
This oil soaked burner is kept its tail portions lying in the water half submerged. So every day evenings at sun setting times the panchayat employed light man comes with a bamboo ladder and an oil cane on his shoulders. The oil used for burning was Neam oil or Castor oil.

And he climbs on the light globe pillars of every street and opens the globe, cleans the globe with cotton cloth and removes its smoke and pours little oil over the water and lights its burner and closes globes doors. Now this globes burner will glow till the oil exists. The oil poured in the globe is sufficient to glow for 5 to six hrs in the nights.
Even these street lights gave much brighter lights to the people of Tachanallur and the student community to read under these globe lightings.

Till these globes burns on its own no robbers /thieves have courage to enter the houses for looting and or stealing. Early in the mornings or to say late nights around 0100 hrs in the mornings the Co-Operative milk society man rings or sound his bells to wake up the
peoples of the village to send their cattle’s to their milk society to supply milks .By hearing this bell sound everyone in the vicinity gets up or awakes the gents to accompany them up to Co-Operative milk society to supply the milks. The farmers drove their cattle’s to the society now here the real thieves or house breakers enters into the houses of them and loots their properties in the cover of darkness.

When these farmers back 2 their houses found their safes and boxes were broken and stolen by thieves and cry and cry till everyone wakes up. And there is no police stations near by this village and the villagers also fear 2 reach police stations at Tirunelveli Junction to give complaints of their house burgalaries.And the problems was going on for another 3 to 4 years until the electricity and electrical posts at the streets replaced the globe lights. Initially a 40 watts lamp was used on the street lights then changed into 100 watts but then also the house breakings are not over yet. Finally the panchayat replaced all the street lamps into tube lights thereby around 60% of the night or mid-night house breaking cases were stopped. And nowadays the streets of Tachai are glows by mercury lamps and neon lamps .Now the security of Tachanallur improved many folds.

These are the benefits of being under the Tirunelveli Corporation only.

In Tachanallur during this period savings means something differs from recent days.
Those days we have found no money for our day -to-day requirement to pull on family
Budgets under this conditions where to and how 2 go for a savings of money. But how ever we children’s of those periods used 2 save certain amounts like 1/4 anna, 1/2 Anna, one Anna and two annas with our hard works to family welfare.

Family welfare schemes here it means we used to grind mechanically for dosa and idly grinding manually and the wage is saved as annas during this periods. Our banks either did not nationalize or not known to the villagers like us to know the banking sectors in India is exist.

How ever our neighbor Mr.M.Krishna Pillai and his lovely wife Mrs. .Vadivu ammal are the so gentle,polite,smiling,honest,helping,jovial characters in that area. Who used to collect our savings of few 1/4 annas,1/2 annas and always used to give ready reckoned like the statement of cash during the day and earlier day or even last month balance extra will be given at any given times.

Particularly the Mrs. Vadivu ammal, we so lavishly called Vadivakka is the only
In-charge of these banking facilities. When ever we asks her 2 pay money for kadalai mittai buying, or and buying a pencil or rubber during our school days she used to give cash and maintains our accounts and the balances in her mind always. In this way of reliable banking we the children’s of Theneerkulam South Street, Tachanallur had a nice banking activities in my village.

And also she used to advice us to save 1/4 annas by tying in our ARAIYAN KAYIRU means a black rope normally tied on the hips of all boys and gals of our age in the village. So we used to tie the round and center holed 1/4 annas in our hips to avoid theft or missing by mistake.

Suppose our banker Mrs. Vadivakka’s leave or absence to our village we used to tie the 1/4 annas in the black ropes and other than that of 1/2 Anna. One annas, two annas in our half pants lockers. The half pants lockers are the place were end of our trousers a folded joint to have final finishes of the half pants. So we used to cut a small hole in the bottom of our trousers and insert the saved coins deep into our thighs and at the end we put a safety pins to protect the esteemed ends and we hold with thrilling of few coins in our trousers and awaits for Mrs.Vadivakka’s arrival and immediately hand over to her for the safety lockers.

In this way we used 2 save our earnings in coin by coin and the same will be utilized for seeing MGR movies on first day first show and will reach the esteemed MGR fan capability 2 be explained at schools friends with fun and fares. Like this many kids in and around the village well known the banking facilities extended by the nationalized banks after our Independence. HATS OFF TO THE GREAT BANKER OF TACHANALLUR

My grand was born on the year 1899 at the village Veeravanallur of Tirunelveli .Dist and died on the year 1979 at her husband residence at Sudalai Madan koil Street, Tirunelveli-Town. .She has faced her all varieties of life before and after independence of India as well as before and after her marriage with KS.Narayanan Chettiar of Tirunelveli.

I sincerely thought her death made a history of my family and an incident of Tirunelveli.
How ever after 25 years of her solemn death and heavenly abode she has done a great deed for the very poor family. Before her death she has made an will (Power of attorney) to benefit the poor family of Tachanalur should avail the land she was enjoying from her ancestors mothers property of few acres of Nanjai land at Devanallur village, near kalakad, Tirunelveli Dist.

Immediately after her death the property is enjoyed solely by her widowed daughter Mrs. and after her death as she has no kids the same property should be given to the family of her elder son’s children’s and her daughter’s children’s.

Now am re-collecting her refusal to accept me and my elder brother have been thrown away my aunt Mrs.Kanthimathiammal and not even allowed us to see our grand ma at the age of 12 and 13 at the year 1960’s.But after her death she has written all our names in her will(Power of attorney) as the legal beneficiaries was little wonders in my feels about my grand ma.

When we went to her home as per my dad’s request to collect the few Kilograms of rice to quench our extreme hungry where as we have been insulted and thrown away by her daughter Kanthimathi.The same grand ma how she become so kind during this period of 20 years or so and how she has changed in her mind and soul, how she all remembered all our name’s with correct spellings on her deeds and all to be researched only?

. Now with her name we all 11 numbers of her grand children’s were eating every day food on her name. This shows the greatness of my grand ma,the extreme affections on our grand ma,could not be shown to us during her alive but after her death everything of her affections,feelings,kindness,oneness and the great sympathy shown to us can not be forgotten.

Now at this period of millennium year her great grand children’s are appraising her so much and also says our AACHI (Grand ma) donated everything to us and she had proved as a great saying in Tamil as”CHETTHUM KODUTHAR SEETHA KATHI”.So much anticipations by this deeds of her visions, missions, affections, love, and all will be remembered by many of our generations together shall remember her deeds for ever.

Oh!! All the available god in the world shall bless her the deeds of my grand ma and further also request to our almighty to bless us the same feelings what my grand ma had in her life during and after her death towards mankind and humanity.!!!.

My annual leave was over by June first week of 1979.And I have boarded the trains to Belgaum via Madurai, Dindigal, Trichy, Erode, Aarakkonam, Bangalore and again with other train was called Mahalakshmi express from Bangalore to Belgaum via Hubli and reached Belgaum on the third day evenings. Along with our suit case and other luggage’s my grand ma was also traveled to Belgaum.

In Belgaum she was with us for next three year or so. By the year 1982 I had been posted to New Delhi. On reaching New Delhi I have confirmed the route to reach Varanasi and the expenses were calculated and accordingly I have availed two days on casual leave to Varanasi to dissolve my grand ma at River Ganges.

On the way to Varanasi I have met a gentlemen called TTK.Rao from HAL.Kanpur also carries his grandpas urns to dissolve in the river Ganges.Ofcourse I have not promised to my grand ma that I shall dissolves u in Ganges with all the Hindu rituals where as I shall swim on the river Ganges and shall dissolves u in the purified(holy waters) water at the centre of river Ganges only.

How ever my friend Mr. TTK Rao has 2 carry out all Hindu rituals before dissolvings.Some how we have reached to River Ganga from Varanasi Railway stations to River bank by cycle rickshaw and shared the expenses. By now we have reached at Varanasi my pocket balances are so thin and hardly it will serves for a lunch and the ticket to be taken on Concession vouchers for New Delhi was only 47.00 rupees. How ever I have a confidence to dissolves my grand ma’s urn at Ganges.

So when we reached to the Main Bathing Ghat of the river Ganga at Varanasi 100’s of Pundits with all available equipments along with rice, Black Til, Black dals,Milk,Sandal powders,Kunkumam,flowers,and a calf to be donated to the Brahmins are all ready made available on bathing Ghats of the river Ganges..

When am taken out the brass sealed urn from the bag of mine a Brahmin comes by running and said Brother(Bhaiyaa) it should not be dissolved like this and the extreme rituals to be done and so on. So my friend had agreements with him for Rs.51.00 to perform the rituals and he has compelling me also for that amount .How ever I can spare Rs.5.00 only out of my pocket money to the Brahmin to do the rituals. But he was demanding minimum of Rs.51.00 to the last rite or rituals. Finally he has seen my conditions and also agreed to do the same rituals for Rs.5.00.

Where as while performing his rituals. we have asked to take bath at river Ganges and with wet cloth Brahmin Pundit asked us to be seated in front of our carried urns and started all slogans what ever he knews.While performing he asked me to say while COW DHAAN to Brahmins is Rs.!01.00, and Anna dhanam Rs.101.00,Milk Dhanam,101.00, Yaathgar Dhanam Rs.101.00, and the poojas and punaskaram dhanam for Rs.101.00 and say loudly .But am shocked to hear his tactics if we say loudly every one will hear and he can force me to retract Rs.501.00 from me. So, here my Simple Grand ma was really remembered and suddenly I said so loudlyyyyy I shall offer for these all poojas and punaskarams and the last rite 2 my grand ma through me to the so called Pundit as 501 naye paisa dhaan thetha hum. Before am completes my shouting he has humbly holds my mouth shut by his hands and requested Baba you may spoil my livelihood by paying only 501 Naya paise and on. Lastly he has asked us to dissolves by telling my grand ma’s name in many times asked to dissolve the urn in the river Ganges.

Where as the river at that time near the banks have lot of dust, filthy and smelling so I have jumped in side the river Ganga and by swimming reached to the centre of the running river and said Oh!! My Grand ma as per my wordings and owes to u am dissolving u in the Ganges with all my fervours.and thrown also the brass and sealed Chempu along with to the river Ganges and reached the bank for changing of my dress
Here the poor Pundit was demanding and also threatening to my friend to pay Rs.501.00 as per his saying during his ritual poojas.How ever he has paid around 100.00 and when he asked me to pay the five hundred rupees and I have said to him that am promised u to give only 501 paise only so please accept that. How ever he has not accepting the cash and demanding at least 51.00 Rupees. But where shall I go for that? So I told him punditji please do accept as per our agreement if u don’t accepts this I shall drop this 501 paise to the hundi of Lord Viswanath Temple and so on.

He was chasing us up to the temple for Rs.50.00 where as I have no other money to spare him and finally said will u accept that or shall I drops in the hundy? At last he has accepted the 501 paise and blessed for ever.

From here onwards I used to advise on peoples going to KASI or VARANASI for the last rites rituals first agree the amount and please pay the amount and not to bend for the forceful snatching away money from the peoples. So gentle men please beware of the last rites at the River Ganges???

It was the year 1963-64 I was studying in X STD at the nearest high school, at Tirunelveli.Junction is called Madurai Diraviyam Thayumanavar Hindu College School. It’s situated exactly the center of the junctions and much nearer to the Railway stations and City Bus stands. During my school days we were taught English class by terrorist English teacher Mr.Boova ragava Moorthy.

His knowledge was so vast and fluency in English was simply superb. And he teaches the English classes in English only. The way he explains the subjects are so simple and nice and we fear to attend his classes. Because of his terror ness we used to fear to attend his class because of his evilness on homework and memorize the English words taught to us. If any one not studied at his home he has been fired up on and thrashings will be done. Everyone will afraid for his knowledge of English and his pronunciations.

So he taught us the simplisity, loyalty, openess, frankness, sincerity, and humbleness.
So everyone from his English class has never failed in any examinations. He has advised,
We to improve our studies by group studies there by many doubts in the class rooms will be cleared off and further if any so he shall clear our doubts on the next class. And he used to tell us study and study not only u to study and u teaches others also in studies.

That rhyme was in me and it awaken when am met my friends like Mr.Vairavan-Dry Cleaner,Mr.Sankara Subbu-a textile mill worker,Mr.Chettiar Co-optex textile mill worker, and Mr.Mookan Dhobhi,Mr.Vaikkal karaiyan also a Dhobhi.Mr .Vairavan and all my friends who never seen a school in their life and somehow they works and enjoy and lead the married life.

But they feel very much shame when am reading a paper or a magazine regarding Our Great leaders like K.Kamaraj nadar the padikkatha methai, and then the great Arignar CN Anna durai Great simple man Mr.Kakkans way of life have been told or studied and explained to my friends at his Dry Cleaner shop at No 49, Madurai Road, NH-07 at Tachanallur.One day I was absent to read them the Great Tamil News Paper DHINA THANTHI which awakened the people of Tamil Nadu for read and write. So with that DHINA Thanthi my friends they enter into my home to get the latest news at the paper.

Now only it has struck in my mind instead of my reading and explains them why not to teach them the language of Tamil for reading and writings. When am asked them about this what they said u know? Hey why to read now while we are on our dying stage”
And that made me to teach by all means and that also within three months only.
As we friends always used to bet for anything and everything in our normal way of life.
And the same way they have challenged me if they can able to read and write within the stipulated periods they said they will organize a grand party on behalf of Tamil to me.

So immediately our study classes started after 21:30 hrs daily.Beacuse all have to complete there day to day works then only we shall start our classes. This regular classes were on underneath the Tachanallur Panchayats Mercury street lights. In the first week itself they all could read all the letters in Tamil as AANA, AAVANNA, EENA.EEYENNA.OONNA.OOOVANNA.YENA.YEYENNA.IYANNA.ONAA .OVANNA.AWWONNA and ACKANNA. When I have told them they have all passed their preliminary letters in Tamil the great happiness summoned on them.

So like that in second week we started our Meyyaluthukkal of ka.Sa.Da.Tha.Bha.Ra
All Vallinams and next followed by ya .ra .la.Va.La and Zha completed with joy and gladness. And there after we have completed our last letters of Great Tamils as
Gyagyana.naa.maa.naaa and finishes with in a week or so.

There after everyday the Tamil paper DHINA THANTHI reading sessions by every one.
This practical readings and the interest on the subjects contains in simple language s of Tamil to be and can be read by every one in Tamil nadu.By this times hardly two months our friend Mr.Vairavan the great owner of the Laundry shop starts markings on clothes coming for washing by Tamil letters.

Instead of olden days markings as number of code markings like single line for Athi, double line for Paraman.three line s for Annachi.and four lines for Kuttyappan and one line with star for Andiappans were all changed by his studies. And a final day of their studies or their convocations were arranged in front of Tachanallur Ward No.3,
Panchayat Board member was presiding the convocation, and examinations on reading the DHINA THANTHI pages by all thewill be answers all the quests put up by the councilor.

And at last I have asked them to read one by one the front page of” DHINA THANTHI” and they were all in joyous mood read so loudly like :- S H E N C O T T A I Y I L ODUM BUSSIL ORU Pennai AVALODA KANAVAN KATHIYAL SATHAK SATHAKK ENTRU KUTHINARRR and so on. When they themselves read and understand the wordings, they felt very bad on every aspects of the DHINA THANTHI News. And that day it was Glorious day for us in our language as well as readers day
That was grand celebrity day for us. A grand party was arranged on behalf of their studies and happiness to read their party leaders messages in MURASOLI, NAM NADU, DINAMANI felt very glad and happiness on the simple way of learning’s/teachings of Tamil to the lakhsof Tamilians around the world.Vanakkam.

During this period of 1964-1979 there are many events took place in our family. As am was expected my results of SSLC exams in the month of May 1964 and I have been declared passed with 322/500 marks. With this result I had been to my uncle’s residence at VirudhuNagar for his advice on job support and guidance.

He and his family was in peak hours of their life and enjoying the power of the chair as An Asst.Commercial tax officer. As I went to his house as a guest without honor only.
How ever he was very happy to receive me and gave new clothing’s and good foods, and shown a Tamil Cinema in free of cost as for his power and I have stayed in his house for few days. And at last I have requested him to give me a Good Conduct Certificate for applying few jobs at Madurai private companies. Where as he flatly refused and said as u r my son inquest/so I can not give u certificate of any kind to me and he asked me to approach anyone from Tirunelveli. By hearing these words I have lost my hearts on him and how a uncle of me said I can not certify u on my good conduct .If it’s really a case he should have taken the said certificate from his sub-ordinates or his high ups to me. Where as his refusal to arrange a contact certificate I lost my all hopes on him and his family.

At last I came back from Virudhunagar I have approached a gazette officer from Temples and endowment officer of Swami Nellaippar Temples on Jul 1964.Still I remembers the said officers wordings, As”Thambhi with my Good conduct Certificate If u can fetch a job Please thanks to Lord Nellaiappa only”. That simple kindness, whole hearted helping natures of the Tamil Nadu Govt.Gazetted officers were helpful to many poor children’s like me.

With that conduct certificate I have applied for joining in Indian Air Force as a Technician, attended twice the recruitments at Madurai and at Chencottai.Ofcourse At Checotah I have passed and called for interviews at Chennai for minor medical checks up and call letter will be given later. During this period I was in my home helping hands to all my younger brothers and sister and carrying out all type of jobs including cooking to my lovely family.

In the spare timings I used to chat with a friend Mr.Vairavan who was running a Laundry shop opposite to my home at Madurai road as NH-07 at Tachanallur. Many of family members and our so called relatives start abusing me as am in contact with low class community as dhobi and I shall not be permitted to enter their house etc

I have least worried about their feelings and calling me as dhobi and etc were rejected by me and against their wishes and feelings and become so close with him. So maximum times I used to be in that laundry and do the needful to him.

In quite belief on me and my integrity he used to leave the shop on my supervision and he used to go to the river Tambiranharani for his washing jobs. So I used to employ gentlemen Dhobi is called as Mr. Mookkan for daily wages. Due to his helping hands the laundry grows as expected. Now slowly and steadily the laundry become very famousfor its regular, routine and timely delivery and Peoples of Tachanallur Calling as Vairavan’s dry cleaners. So my stay with him kept his business used to grow in many folds. When the cloths arrivals for beyond his capacity I have advised to him to employ a man for washing on contract basis. Due to this and all we become so close friends beyond all abuses and hating of my relatives and society of Tachanallur.They used to call me as a younger brother of Vairavan only, which have taken by me as proud. So with the help of My friend Vairavan I have got a chance to visit Madurai and Chencottai for the in IAF was achieved at last on 10 November 1964.


When my grand ma was driven away us from her house at Tirunelveli town on Aug 15th of year1958 or so we were decided not to go to her house at anytime or in any manner we shall not see her at anytime that was my self and my elder brother Kumaresans vows. And that has been carried out when we happens 2 see her or her daughters in our mind we felt the hatred what she gave in that age only used to come in mind.

Like that many more years have gone and in between my elder brother Kumaresan also expired due to illness and the old lady has not turned down to our house to share the demise of my brother and with my so poor family at Tachanallur. It was the Year 1964 Kumaresan gone away from me to heavenly abode I have sincerely felt very much loneliness. By this time it was Mar 1964 My SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) exams were on. And many of our family members used 2 come to our home for condolence on the death of my brother Kumaresan. My Studies has been affected. No lights were available to read and write .practice, in our rented house at Tachanallur on the Madurai.road the so called national highways NH/07
This is the time one of my friends at Tachanallur, Keela theru Mr.Shunmugam gave me the hands and invited me to his grand ma’s residence at Tachanallur, kottaiveedu at first floor, for night studies. Here I have found the affections, kindness, oneness and all the feelings were shown on us by his grand parents. Here I have felt very bad about my grand ma why she hates us? Why she doesn’t give the affections really due to us? What type of crime we children of the poor parents done to her? Is that all affections are only for rich parents kids only? Why these grand old ladies hate us was not known to us for many years till her death on May 1979.Then also not aware of her inner feelings on us? And what she felt us on our poverty was made to known to us by her elder daughter’s death during the year 2000 only?

My friends Shunmugam’s grand ma used to prepare many idlies for us to eat in the night times when we read in the late nights. Both were really and interestingly reading and discussing and our many problems on studies were solved during the continuous night studies.
In between My elder Brother Mr. .Narayanan alias Ganesan who was not bothered about his studies and joined in a Loud Speaker company called Balan Oliperukki, how ever no payments fixed for him and he learnt the electrical jobs, mike fixing and testing, house lighting and on from there without any payments. But he used to eat almost every days Marriage feast only so he never worried about our family or members.

And also he has lot of envy on me and my studies at MDT Hindu College as SSLC student and am preparing for my examinations and he just tortured all books and notes I have prepared for my studies were torn into pieces and burnt that. I have shocked to see the brutal attacks on me and my studies. So am also heavily and bravely fought with him and am also received many blows and I gave also many blows to him and he has ran away and till on completions on my exams he has never turned to our house.
Some how March 1964 has arrived and we appear for our examinations and within a week everything was over. And since then am awaits for our results by April 1964.May first week our SSLC results were published on the evening Daily Paper is called Malai Murasu.What a shock!!! I have seen my number on the pass list but my friend who gave me that much morale support and affections by his grand parents of Mr.Shunmugam number was missing from the pass list
Lot of joy in me one side but heaviness and vex on other side of my friends failure in SSLC. And those days even you have failed in one subjects, for re-examinations u have to appear and pass all the papers in one sittings then only u will be called SSLC passed. In this way he has appeared in Sept 1964 again he has failed in another subject.
Like that our SSLC patterns have ruined his life for ever.

How ever his total was 320 of 500 marks, in March 1964 and he has scored less than 35 in English subject and in September 64 he has scored less than 35 in Maths or so.
Due to that pattern of SSLC education he has been ruined for ever. Due to his failures to scores in SSLC his grand parents were died one after other. At last he has joined in our Tachanallur Panchayat Board as a bill collector and after few years he has married and at last he lost the bill collectors job also and thrown in the field of poverty since then.

When self and my elder brother were drove away from her home at Tirunelveli-Town at Sudalai Madan koil street we have vexed and cried little without knowing to others and decided that we shall never enters her home even though she invites. By this time we are studying in IX std my self and X std by my elder in the high school is called Madurai Dhiraviyam Thayumanavar Hindu college high school at Tirunelveli.Jn

In the next year that is 1963-64 our aunt MS.Gandhmathiammal’s marriage was arranged by our dad MR.KSN. Gomathi Nayagam Chettiar. Marriage dates were fixed, ornaments were all polished, clothigs for bride and grooms all have been purchased at the Gr8 RMKV & Sons. Marriage saree of around 500.00 rupees of Kancheepuram silk saree and other sarees required for the marriage ceremony and all were bought and kept in my grand ma’s house.

Hardly 15-18 days only left out for marriage of our aunt. Aunt was on her dreams joy and gladness surrounded the home of my grand ma’s residence.

Mean while a tragedy took place in our house. As my dad Mr. KSN Gomathy nayagam Chettiar passed away and had gone to heavenly abode and thus kept us in peril.
The reasons for his sudden death are not yet known and he was cremated with remarkable silence and fervors. He left behind his wife Smt.G Ponnukutty ammal and her four sons and a daughter.

The whole house was in peril for our day 2 day income stands still. And we all feared lot to exist in this world of poverty and loss of support to the children’s when we are yet to grow. The relatives who come for condolences were abusing us by saying we have killed our father and what not. Every one in our family was stunned to hear the wordings and hoardings of other relatives to us. Some how we were tolerating this abuses by publics and continued our studies in our schools with a Mottai (Clean shaven heads) to condole to our expired dad.

In one side we feel shame to come out with mottai to schools because everyone starts calling us as Mottai brothers and on. Due to the sudden demise of our father we were not aware of the date of the marriage of our aunt.

One fine evening we were coming along and through the Tirunelveli.railway station here we find our maximum relations were gathered to see of the newly married couples to Chennai by the Nellai express at the No 4 Plat form of Tirunelveli jn railway station.
When we about to cross them every one were pointing out on us telling each others something good or bad about us and they laugh’s a while. In that lot of relatives some one was calling us to see the newly married couples and get blesses from them. By seeing that actions my bloods were entered into my ears and unable to control our angers we left that place immediately by running only. When every thing was arranged by our dad for that marriage but due to his sudden demise we the grieved family was not invited and even a formal invitations were extended to us.
Under these circumstances how we shall able to see those newly wedded couples and their blessings? Of course till to day that event at railway stations are live in our mind and Soul. How ever the long periods of 41 years are gone but the feelings what I have felt is not going away from my mind?


In the second half of our grandmas life her elder’s daughter’s husband died and she had no issues
Second daughter who was married to the freedom fighter was lost all his properties and recd lot of
Beatings from British during the great freedom movements in Tamil nadu particularly in Tirunelveli

Under the Gr8 freedom fighter Mr. Chavadi Pillai of Sudalai Madan koil street, and when ever our
Father of nation Mahatma Gandhi Visited he has stayed at the Chavadi pillai residence only and from
there along with Mahatma Gandhi her son-in-law also start moving along with him and left the job
and negligence of fields and land activities his family lost maximum in health and wealth and by
seeing her daughter’s sufferings my grand ma so felt and cried lot.

. By this times my father arranged marriage for his younger brother KSN.Sankara Ramasway Chettiar at Tirunelveli. The bride also from Tirunelveli-town and she was from now Bharathiyar street and olden days it was called Keelaputhu theru.And he had six daughters and two sons during his peak hours of his life. By this time my dad was making some arrangements for his third sister Ms.Gandhi mathi ammal to Mr.Sreenivasan of Nettoor of Tirunelveli dist. Dates and arrangements were all made for the marriage but unfortunately my father was died due to frustrations on his life.

During my fathers period that was in the year of 1957 he has no permanent jobs and also incomes from cultivable lands
become 1/3 of the erstwhile periods due to lot of land reformations after Independence my dad lost maximum land as well as the incomes from that. So he has to borrow money from others and pulls on his life. And this is the period one by one our properties are being sold in cheaper rates and the houses were my Grand ma stays was his portions during their partitions.
The Grandmas house at Tirunelveli town was as big as today’s bungalows have double story building more than 2000 sq.feet plinth area. And she was staying with the ground floor and my family was living at the first floor.

When the no income problems started my Mother got a job in M/S Ganapathy Mills (P) ltd at Tachanallur.
Due to her job we have shifted our house to Tachanallur. Even though my mother was employed as laborer in the spinning mills she has weekly payments of Rs12.00 only which was very meager to pull on with 8 Members of a single family. So my father used to fight with his mother to sell out his share of house at Tirunelveli Town to fulfill his day to day requirements of the large family but Grand Ma was refused to move out and she vehemently said to him till her death she will stays in this house of her husband of course she has died also in the same house in the year of 1979.

One day my dad requested to his mother for a 5 kgs of rice or so to feed his hunger bound children’s.
She was also kind enough and told him to send your child to get from my home. As per her words my dad told me to
visit her house and collect that so promised rice too quench our hot burning hungers for a day or two.
After his order my self and my elder brother Mr.Kumaresan of course he has died during the year 1964
And both went to our grand ma’s residence with lot of hungry in stomach and happiness and scopes to get few KGs of rice
for our home we had our bath in the Kodahan channel at Tachanallur and dressed up and with a bag and by walking we have reached to her house at 0800 hrs in the mornings.

But for our shock and surprises when we knocked the door of my grand ma house it was half opened and our unmarried aunt Ms.Gandhi mathi ammal simply shouted on us and simply drives us out. And she has not even opens the door of that house and not allowed to see our grandma also. We were ashamed and shocked and furious on her anger over us ,but furious over my dad why he should send us to beg for a bowl of rice from her house etc.We were cried lot while on back to our home by walking.

Our hungries, furiousness, ashamedness and all made us to stronger in the field of humanity and integrity among us.
What we found was poverty was not a shame but the unkindness, cruelty towards the poors, was more shame than the poverty. Since then we have never visited to our granny’s resi for anything.

My grand ma was born on a rich family at Veeravallur of Tiruneveli-Dist
Her parents were a rich land lords of that area.100s farmers and dalits
were working underthma.They have a good number of peoples affections and love
They were so kind to them and used 2 visit and bless their homely functions like marriage,birth days,betrothel ceremony etc
And the young grtand ma was brought up in the village of Veeravanallur
adjacent to river Tambirabharani.She was so cute and gentle and she was a lone child of her parents
so all those affections and love she received from parenta and the village folks.
And at the age of 15 or so She has been married to a another gold business men of Tirunelveli-Town
Now after the luxurious marriage she become the Mrs.Chandra Parvathy Narayanan chettiar.
And she had Two sons and three daughters and she lived in a Bungalow in Tiruneveli at
Sudalai Madan koil street.Her children grew up and the elder daughter married and she has no issue.
Second daughter got married with a freedom fighter of Tiruenelveli and she had two daughters and
son.aAnd second daughter also got married to a another land lord near Karukurichi and she had two sons and a daughter.
Inbetween this enjoyable life my Grand father Mr.Narayanan Chettiar died of heart attack and and the family
lost a captain and due to this tragic events the whole family was in peril.So that time my father
Mr.KSN gomathy nayagam Chettiar and my uncle KSN Ramaswamy Chettiar were studying schools.and high school
stydying and due to the seniority my fathers studies have been stopped and he has been made a scape goat to looks after
the land,houses,shops at Tirunelveli.Town and Kurukkudurai.As he stopped his studies at III rd Form of MDT Hindu College,
at Tirunelveli.Jn but his knowledge in thoses days english ,grammars,Voccabs,IQ and all was on top most.
How ever that was a great loss to his educations,career,prosperity,and even the peaceful life.
How ever he has made his younger brother Ramaswamy chettiar to finish his BA at the year of 1946-47.
After his degree at College he got employments at State Income tax department and due to his sincerity ,loyalty
he has reached his departmental head as a Chief Income4 tax officer at Tirunelveli got retirements during 1980-81.
But meanwhile after the death of my grand father all our family uncles,aunts pressed my dad to get married at an early
stage to looks after the house holds.Now my dad was at the age of 17 or so and he had married 2 a young girl of 16 yrs
of his uncle Sri Athimoolam Chettiar of VOC street and those days called Therkku puthu theru and her name was A.Ponnukutty ammal.
After this marriage my dad and mom were lived very comfortably .And they have one daughter and five sons and the author is the third
son of Mrs & Mr KSN Gomathy nayagam Chettiar and Mrs .G Ponnukutty ammal.