It was the year 1982 and  I have been posted in New Delhi. From there I have been forcefully sent for a course at central Air Command. Due to the forceful moments and my disturbed family and troubles created by IAF authorities at the local station /small unit commander called Wg. Cdr Jain the provoking man of airforce, partiality men of airforce, head weight of Air force forced me to the course in spite of problems of my family   to stay at palam colony with her two kids.

Otherwise also the said course comes on my friend is called SGT.Mann.Who is also Hindu Punjabi and butter men to erstwhile wg.cdr Jain they have forced me to go far the course for three months. So it is  called a plot to force me to go for the course.

The initial period was boring, not interested to read and write and almost we are three men’s also forcefully send to the course. So we are almost pen down dharnas inside our class room. Our Lecturer was a Bengali called MWO. Mitra   He too not understands and don’t want to understand our family problems. He is worried about his tasks and completions of lesson and his planning’s.

 Many words are in Russians and the total theory of aeronautics is just opposite to the western views. Which we were not understanding or not accepting and also not believing.
The western countries philosophy on aeronautics is fine finish where as Russians are just opposite one.

The lecture on computer comes into force on fourth weeks of our course. No monitor, no key boards, no hard discs, no mouse and rats and all. Because it was a second generation computer and it occupies half of the total plinth area of a huge aircraft of 52 feet in length. Numbers of panels were to open, and every panel has 24 fasteners so at a total of 6X24=144 fasteners to be opened and then only access to the computer parts can be viewed.

 And every time the so called Russian trained technicians used to carry a magnetic tape roller of 700 feet or so to be programmed at their strong rooms and again to be loaded on the so called 2 generation computers. Of course the programmes are failure proofs and reliable in all the technical fields and supportive.

.Russians proudly says  the computers never fails .But once we undertake an aircraft after major serviced by Russians in Moscow and assembled at our base has some problems in the computer signals to our photographic equipments.

Hence the photo equipments could not be energized or an operatable.Every Russian technician says the photo equipment is only unserviceable. And was supported by so called Indian Engineering officers of the base blindly.