Under the guidance of our NCC teacher Mr.Veerabhagu we had eagerness to join in defence services. Results of SSLC were declared May 1964 then onwards am in search of a job in defence services. Before me my dearest friend Mr. AK Lakshmanan
 Joined in Indian air Force as an Airman in the trade of Airframe fitter. He was my inspiration to join IAF.I also went to Madurai for the first time for recruitment at IAF.
But they were rejected me for underwait.Second time I have tried at Nellai at Palayam kottai, before I reaches  to the travelers bungalow everything was over.

Finally with my friend Mr .Vairavan's advice i reached to Shencottai for the recruit ment.His advice on eating banana enough after eating stomachful palayathu (rice with buttermilk)with lemon pickle kept my required wait intact. There, I was the first in all the field in writing and practicals.Recruitments went on for two more days, we all slept on the verandah of travelers bungalow with the help of the recruiting officials. Third day morning recruiting officer arrived and one by one we have called for an interview. My term comes; he asked me why do you want to join IAF?

I have shown my well built hands and   body  further said if Chance is given I shall do best for my country  and even I can sacrifice my life to my mother land..  I can give anything to my country. He understood my feelings and gave clearance to be recruited as
an airmen of Indian Air Force. That great interview and my feelings kept me alive in Indian Air Force for the glorious period of 35 years of reckonable service and also I have retired from IAF on 31 Dec 1999..