Thousands of pilots available in Indian Air Force with different streams.They are Fighter pilots,Bomber Pilots,and Helicopter Pilots.1965 to 1972 i was with fighter squadrons and from 1972 to 1976 i was with bomber squadronsand again from 1989 to 1996 iwas with Trisonic squadrons.So these many years i have met and mingled with lot of pilots on personally and professionally.

During 1965 i have met the great warriors like Wg Cdr Weir,Wg Cdr Green,Squadron Leader
Kakkar,Squadron Leader Sandhu,Squadron Leader Suri,Flight Lieutenant Rana,Flt.Lt Sekhar,Flying Officer Neb,Flying Officer Gandhi and Flying Officer VVR Nair.
Among those warriors Wing Commander Weir was a gentlemen officer and he maintains good relationship with all the men and materials of his commanding area.His smiling face makes his career success in his life as a forward base commander during and after war on 1965.
During his period as a commander the squadron received all the competitive trophies from Air head quarters on Maintenace,flying achivements,range firings,tactic excercises,and time bound aircraft maintenace etc along with over all champion trophy too.Those days were really jubilant in the squadron men and officers.Those were made possible by his man managements,upkeeping of mens morale, spirit of working,human values he has extended to his staff,and the great warrior Squadron Leader Kakkar as his Flight Commander.

If I talk about Squadron Leader Kakkar,he is the men of gem, jovial with airmen,frank with officers and demon to his Hunter and Gnat aircraft Trainee pilots.His skill on flying is so wonderful.And he takes off aircraft from parking slot to runway is so nice and vise we gratitude to him.His taking off of the Hunter Aircraft like mother lifts her baby and his landings like just smooth landings on water.

During those periods aircraft accidents are very rare because of his tedious trainings
to his sub ordinate traininig pilots and he makes them dare devil during their training periods.During the training periods he involves the airmen to vigil on his trainee pilots human errors, and mechanical defects.

So every airmen  is vigil on receiving training pilots Aircrafts and observe the mistakes or errors made with aircrafts and  are denoted on a  defect report register kept with our technical office.Every day many 100′S sorties were made and we found as many errors by the training pilots.By that evenings Squadron Leader Kakkar observe the defects of each pilots error, and  he immediately penalise them with number of Liquor bottles or asks them to march to his mess by walk and so on.

During the month end the collected liquor bottles were opened up during "RUM PUNCH"and during that festive time every trainee pilots will remember/re-collect the errors they made during those tedious flying training periods and here Squadron Leader Kakkar comes to rescue them with all kind of guidance while flying etc.`Here we used to watch the Great warrior explains each and every ones faults during and after flights of each sortie.He explains with great jolly mood as they are all his younger  brothers alike.So these affected pilots on human errors/mistakes never takes those punishments as fines but as a best for their careers only.So this type of trainings will never effects the mental balances,where as it makes them to have courage to the fighter pilots, and quick decision makers on air.

At last  i have to mention our Great Technical officers (those days are called EO)Squadron Leader Boba rai AE(M),and Squadron Leader Krishnan AE(L)both were given enough rooms to our senior technicians to take all decisions on their subordinates leave,sick,rest,off-duty etc.So these freedoms on us makes us to work and enjoy at any times during 365X24 hours of the year 1965 to 1969.Endurances were given to all our men and materials but we never kepts them low and kept our Squadrons color flying for ever