It was a fine mornings on the autumn season in Air Force Station ground training school, where the photographic training being taught to us. We are 36 in number just listens the theory of dark room arrangements by our Instructor Corporal RK. Nair. He has very good knowledge on dark room procedures and theory of arrangements of chemicals on the sinks.

 He said the sink is a big or small water tank and can accommodate around 500 ltrs of water or so. The sink have majestic look and its height is 4feet 6 inches, length is 12 feet, width is 6 feet and the majestic sink is situated on the centre of the totally dark room.

Over the sink floats a very dim green safe light and also that should be put on only to view the correct developments of the exposed negatives inside the dark room. In the corner of the dark room a rope or a string is connected to the either side of the wall to hold or hang the developed negatives for drying.

So, when the trainees enter the dark room they should maintain the discipline and the pin drop silence to be achieved and so on were taught. At last we have been asked to go in a line to the totally darkened dark room. When we enter the dark room, we have well maintained the discipline.

At the end of our row our Instructor Corporal RK Nair also enters the dark room and the door of the dark room also closed now. Inside the room the temperature is increasing, and we are start sweating.  How ever a old model made in England Royal Air Force
Ceiling fan alone cried towards us and run slowly on our head with crèche noise at sometimes.

Now our Instructor asked us Gentlemen can u see dark room walls.? As a disciplined soldiers we were on chorus said  Yes sir., and he said am now opening the slide cover ,Can u see all? All were said sympathetically yes sir. Now he said am now going to wards the sink were the chemicals for developments are kept. Can u see me? Yes sir.
Look at the sink, now the chemical trays are arranged from left to right, First tray as running water, Can u see that? Yes sir. Second Tray having Universal Developer. Can u see the brown colored developer? Yes sir in chorus said.In the third tray has the rinsing water and the fourth tray having the sodium Thio sulphite solutions for fixing the latent image converting into permanent image. Can u see the white solutions? yes sir by snorings.Last and fifth tray running water.

And he asked one of his mates to check-up the timings? It was 12:55 Pm and he said dear u call me when the time comes into 13:00 hrs ok? He too agreed and the final base of developing he started first he soaked the film, second he developed the film, third he rinsed the film and removed the extra solutions to be removed and fourth he has asked the men the timings and apparently he too said sir its now 13:00 hrs instantly he put the developed negative inside the solution of Sodium thio-sulphite for permanent fixing.

Now he breathed so deeply and said am very glad u all have seen the successful development of a exposed film into a permanent negative. Are u all Happy? All were so vigorously said YES sir?  Because now we are all going to be released from the excessive stringent, filthy, breathless, and excess heated up dark room.

Now he has very jolly good mood and asked his senior men to put the lights ON.Wowowow!!! What a placement of people’s looking’s at walls of four corners,
And few guys were just looks up in search of the so called sink, and all eyes were closed.
By seeing us in different directions and our moods, our great instructor said you peoples never understand the dark room or its procedures and go to hell!!!!!
And we quietly came out of the hell in jolly good moods.