I have reported to the forward base in Punjab during September 1965.and I have been allotted to undergo training for Ack-Ack Gun firing squad. Along with me eight airmen were also detailed to undergo for few hours of training on that. An Army havildar was on duty to teach the ack -ack gun, the mechanism, principles and history of the mobile field Ack-Ack Gun. He taught us how to load the gun and fire on dummy round, Immediately after the few hours trainings we were allotted to different gun positions at our inner fence around our air force camp.

In the evenings of Sept 7, 1965 we were all enjoying on the field, and cutting jokes and chatting on and around our allotted guns. When we deeply discuss about the validity and serviceability of the guns allotted to us and makes fun out and chilling at nights.At mid night the cue and cry of Peacocks at our airfield, shrieking sounds of jackals and many other mammals on our base made us to be more alert and frightening.

 Our gun posts were issued with point 303 rifles, in that horrible night we were loaded our point 303 guns and kept our bayonets cover removed and ready to challenge or face any eventualities. After few minutes we have seen on oursky, an aircraft flying and attacking our airfield. They were too low flying just above our heads or just on tree tops. They dropped something on us and we also heard thug like heavy sounds.

 After the drops we heard our field telephones start ringing at their lowest voice. We managed to pick up the voice and heard????/ Hey gentleman enemy on our head fire your guns at 45degree azimuth direction and continue to do so till we say stop

.Oh what a tense moments, its the pitch dark, unable to see our ammunition stocks, and struggle to unlock the guns. Finally we found our ammunition packs of four each in a magazines, it was very difficult to carry towards the gun assembly, however guns were loaded by two of us and pulled the cocking lever towards cocking positions.

 And I was on the gun assembly and sat on the gunner seat lifted the long aimer and positioned on my shoulders. Now I can see the sky through the aimer and search the positions on azimuth at my left and pulls down the rear barrel of the gun and again a sudden call to fire,fire.So when am about to fire another wave of  Bombers from enemy aircrafts were over flying on my head,  Taken the long breath and released the firing lever. Gun being fired and heavy shocks like mini earth quakes I have felt with lot of smoke and dusts around our gun. Now I can see the number of field Ack-Ack guns were also firing on the same time and the same directions. Due to our heavy firings the B-52 Bombers from PAKISTANI AIRCRAFTS pulled up and flown fast from our gun firing range.

And runaway towards their fields.Everthing took place within a few minutes. And hardly have I fired 16 rounds of four magazines only.Now I have no ammunitions to fire if needed on that night.

Now a light vehicle with siren with red light and flags flying car reached our gun post? We are in the dilemma to fire the car or not? Who’s car in the night when the air raid sirens were still ON?

We challenged the car and finally found with surprise is that the car is driven by our Air Force Station Commander Group Captain GK .John? What a brave commander without any assistance or security with lights ON during the enemies attack on our air Field?

In that night he was so much appreciating us and wonders to see our guns were fired at enemy attacks and consumed all ammunitions? The morale he gave us at nights of the horrible bombing night kept us alive and active throughout the war.

 Now am feels proudly, the leadership quality of our Station Commander, and braveness of the simple men who ready to scarify his life to his mother land  even during the awkward situations on real/live war?

 Some how the first-night of the Day one of the war is over and we were jubilant on seeing the twilight. Now Indian Air Force Fighter Planes of Hunters and Gnats were
roared on our sky and start patrolling our skies from Foes. When the morning lights were
on we gunners wants to discuss and to know the score of firings and the results and the  strange night visitor our Station Commander and his braveness.

 So am was crossing the fields and my friend Aircraftmen DN.Singh also crossed the Hangars we were guarding and suddenly and shockingly he was shouting on me go Back! Go Back!! By shouting he was running back like hell.

When the matter was verified we found Four Bombs dropped by Pakistanis Bomber Aircrafts were not exploded? If that would have exploded during that night, Casualties might have more than anticipated. And the Aircraft Hangars along with Servicing Aircrafts would have damaged or even periled where as God blessed us and the one bomb which exploded killed few hundred crows around the trees. So we have at last witnessed the un-exploded Bombs belongs to United States of Americans manufactured.

So what a shame on the part of Pakistani Air force droppings and their accuracy and the unexploded bombs and rockets procured from USA??