During 1960 to 70’s the fighter aircrafts were with less speed,more manouevarability,proven in war fronts with camera sorties,easy maintenance.Even the equipments can be inter changeables,rectifications are very easy and man poweres were believed in all the tasks and jobs undertaken on the fighter aircrafts servicing.

Flying hours were more during those days and every pilots will get enough training sorties and thereupon he shall prove his capabilities on the air as roll of fighter pilots by proving through Camera sorties.

And the evaluation of the fighter pilots were done during their passing out through his performance on the Aircraft cine camera sorties only.Number of occassions i have witnessed the fighter pilots were evaluated through their camera sorties and i used to operate the  16 mm silent projectors during the process.Each and every frames are scrutinised to evaluate and grade the fighter pilots.

If any failures or mistakes can be corrected on the next sorties there by amble chances were given to young and energetic fighters.During the evaluation of fighter pilots no mercy,no envy,no recommendations and no boostings were given.Every individual fighter pilots has to prove their capacity,braveness,IQ’s,decision makings,and also were made responsible for the machine which were flying by them.

So that system of evaluations made many fighter pilots dare devils on air and faced enemies superior planes and handled them on air and also succeded them by virtue of getting their dues by  Vir Chakras and Maha vir Chakras.And also we technicians are also felt the capacity and proven records of the pilots on air as well as in ground.

After 1970 in IAF, on arrivals of Mig Variants the systems were exclusively forgotten.
And after 70’s even the camera sorties were neglected and the evaluation of pilots and his performance were done through many other methods.So a pilot can not prove his ability on air to his high officials.And an errors of any in the air can not be proven to rectify or correct his human error values on air.

 How ever, the latest Fighter aircrafts were fitted with computers and video cameras but there performance and maintenance is always in question marks in IAF?

 Because proper trainings were not given to pilots on Computers  while on flying.And also the computer educations in IAF is really pathetic.Once a civil computer engineer called for servicing a computer in a IAF stn’s computer center and he was astonished to see not even  one percent of the equipments were utilised for IAF’s purpose.Only official/clerical purposes only where  used in computer like typing and little storage.so instead of selecting only general duty clerks to do the computer jobs now airforce can select  a clerks with minimum knowledge of computers and a technicians can be a good knowledge of computer opeartions can be selected directly to utilise the computers more in IAF.

And also every pilots may be supplied/issued with a book sized PC’s or note book Pc’s for their knowledge bankings.Instead of wasting at Briefing rooms for hours together they can be issued with CD’s of the subject concerend  and they can be evaluated with PC’s quest banks and experiences of their seniors and the behaviour of Fighter planes on air  extra can be easily taught.KEEP UP INDIAN AIR FORCE !!!! HATS OFF TO COMPUTERISATIONS????