Many crashes took place and many trained pilots and their trainers also crashed on air or crashed on the ground of a nearby village of Tezpur airfield. To have crashes many reasons were told. And many excuses were explained. Human errors and pilot's errors were explained still no improvements on crashes.

Many birds were killed in and around the air fields. Environmentalists were asked to keep the city cleaned to avoid bird hits etc. But none of them have the privileged to set up a modern and high technological team to detect the actual cause for the crashes and also in a particular terrain and a place.

How ever the people of so called high tech aircraft engineers and Administrators, Air Force wives welfare associations, Officers wives welfare associations are all joined together performed their intellectual prayers on the place of incidents at the devils village and done all parikramas,.

Even the so called ambassadors of Flight safety officers or the Command Flight safety office has nothing to reveal the cause for the continuous air crash on the same region and terrain for several months or years.

Since the performance of so called parikrama poojas concerned no pilots were died or killed. There after many accidents were continuing with the killing of the pilots of the brave fighter bombers.

 Air force flight safety officers are requested to perform instead of poojas and parikramas they are requested to take helps from meteorology dept of india, DRDO, seismographic centers of the place to ask and ASSIST TO FIND OUT THE CAUSES FOR AN CONTINUOUS AIRCRASH ON THE SAME TERRAIN /PLACE RATHER THAN to assume always as a human errors. This will create a very long time unity and integrity of pilots of Indian Air force who flies on eastern Air Command to have boost on their morale and the human values.

Once the real cause for the accidents on the same terrain /place is known they can change the path of flying thereby crores of rupees of the tax payers saved along with sophisticated pilots lives are also saved for the Nation.

Author: Ex.Warrant Officer