Its happened at the western India Airforce Base on 24 Jan 1966. The aircraft Hunter Mk.iv Fighter /bomber aircraft landed after second sortie for turn round servicing at Pane No 8.There awaits the Leading Aircraftsmen Mr.Anand for Airframe servicing.He was a jolly good fellow,and hard worker on Hunter aircrafts over 4 years of experience.He has undertook the aircraft for STBD wheel charging.His assistance was Non-Combatant employee (NCE) Mr Hariram, hari is on the pressure cylinder opens the high pressure air for the tyres to be charged.he sat very casually over the cylinder and facing the whell of stbd, and the Anand was with his tool to charge the stbd side wheel.
That operations started at 1030 hrsin the fine mornings. Pressure is ON and the tyre being charged.But at this time Mr anand felt something fissy on the tyres/wheels of the stbd and started shouting at hari to runaway.By this times hari left the cylinder in fully open conditions and ran away.Hardly he might have reached fifty yards or so a bold and bombastic explosions took place and found LACD Anand
was blown into pieces and his blood and fleshes were found on the walls of the pane. Final COI founds that LAC Anand was not used his TPG ( Tyre Pressure Gauge for the charging) hence declared a Human error on the part of the incidents.Oh What a shock on the human errorism?? What material found on the COI was a metal pieces surrounding the pane and  the tarmac?Here comes the dew Doubts on COI

1.If tpg was to be blamed for the explosions,only tyre alone should have burst?
2.Instead how the  mettalic brake drums were blown into pieces?
3.Hence it is suspected that mettalic failures were not noted for the cause of incidents?
4.Its a part of a COI members failure to analyse the real cause for that incidents and the outright blames on the human error of  deceased leading aircraftmen

Anands to deprive the due compensations on his sudden death due to mettalic failures?
Till date the Indian Airforce not learnt the real time and the modern way of enquiring the aircraft accidents and incidents on its inventory.Hence it is suggested that when ever an aircraft accident took place a scientist on mettalurgy from DRDO, and the Senior warrant officers of the rank of not less than a Warrant Officer of the same trade may also be included to analyse and come to conclude the accidents

will the top brass of Air Force will listen ?