An equipment like a viewer and scanner was supplied to eastern command Air Force units during the year 1986-87.I was in-charge of a section in the easdtern Command base unit
and received the equipments and gone through the technical books supplied alongwith.
The machine was imported from UK and it contains Do’s and Dont’s very neatly in simple english.

Actually speaking am interested to read new equipments and behaviours,and the optimum usage to the unit concerned.In that mood i have gone through the technical books supplied along with and  books made me to experiment with new technology of Scanning the large sized negatives to our Head quarters.

To operate the machine we need  the following equipments:
a) uninterupted power supply( UPS)
b) Independent telephone line
c) medium supply of electrical connections 230Volt AC 50  cycle
d) To fast develop the exposed films needs contrast developers
e) For quick drying we need alcohol of 25 ltrs
f) For quick fixing of negatives we needs liquid fixers
g) to avoid alcohol smells or polutions a exhaust fan with outlet for smokes to go out
h) a fully arranged dark room with selected safe lights for processing
i) an outlet to be used for excessive water or chemicals to go away
and ofcourse trained manpower.

After reading of the tech books i could understand the systems well and arranged everything locally with out involving Airforce monetary requirements.And necessary information to the higher authorities were send as equipment is tested and fit for immediate use.

in the meanwhile one of the machine also supplied to other unit in the same command.where as that unit gave a report on the machine as stated below:

a) No place to accomodate the machine in this unit.
b) No trained manpower is available
c) Independent tele line is not feasible.
d) No special chemicals are available in this unit.
e) To make the machine fit to be used in this unit required number of minor works to be carried
they are: 1) Electrical fittingscost 25,000.00 rupees.
          2) Erection of UPs         15,000.00 rupees
          3) To train the man power  40,000.00 rupees
          4) To procure spl chemicals10,000.00 rupees
          5) Exahust,outlet          10,000.00 rupees

So total 1,00,000-00 rupees was requested to allocate tpo the unit to estabilise the equipments for opeartions.Request advice? that was the message originated by the unit concerned.

By seeing two contrast reports on the machine installations the command Head quarters,Senior Maintenace Officer had surprise visit to my unit to verify the facts?>
After my detailed explanations and he has seen the installed machines on the dark room with available local modifications without involving any expenses. And local mockup drill have been witnessed by him on the machines were happily appreciated our units initiatives and applauded us for our sincerity.

Since then he send the other unit airmen to undergo trainings on the machines at our base was the credit to technicalpersonnel.
So u always use your ways and means to procure local avaialable equipments for immediate installations and operational requirements. Keep up technology of Indian Air Force.