It was a sunny mornings of eastern sector, Beyond Jayanthi kills., Next to or near to Bhutan border. A Caribou aircraft was carrying  few authorized passengers and many un-authorized passengers towards western direction. The climate was so nice ,wind direction was favouring pilots. Aircraft with heavy raised tails were very majestically looking at the sun and it was a solo flight for the new pilot and a jolly good flying for un-authorized passengers. There travels a   senior most warrant officer Mr. .Mammen.who has very recently married a youngest wife from the greater kerala too. He was in the dreams to meet his better half within a half an hour or so>

Here comes a great tragedy of the accident. The Pilot of the aircraft missed or lost contact with both the ATC’s. Destination airbase is surprised to see on the radars the sudden missing of the G8 Caribou Aircraft? Could not identify n the radar it gave an SOS calls to search the missing aircraft. Many fighters were took off from the bases and landed with no clues?
Army was alerted and on Ground survey ordered, many helicopters were on the flights to search the fateful aircraft? Like that 72 hrs lapsed no trace of the missing aircraft?
Admin information’s were released on the probable death of passengers and pilots were notified. Bereaved families were arrived on the air base from far away kerala too.
On fifth day mornings Army’s jungle warfare groups detected the smell and solids of a G8 Caribou over the Jayanthi kills western directions and many VIP’S flown over accident site and found nothing to trace?
On sixth day onwards few dead body parts were picked up by the army men start arriving at Airbase to manage to pack it in a coffins and like that by that night altogether 36 coffins were ready for cremation

On the cremation ground many religious heads were gathered to perform the last rites of the bodies brought up by army men.

Saddest of all was the hue and cry of the young malayalee lady of the deceased warrant officer. She was crying and asking the authorities to show her husbands solemn body at least? No one could solemn her, With heavy on heart and soul all the 36 coffins were burnt together after performing last rites of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikhs,Buddhism etc.

Oh my dear soldiers when ever you are in uniform you have no religious feelings except few functions here and there and the same while death also you have no religious feels?
What a unity and integrity of our Great Nation?

Author: was an ex-AF Warrant officer