Author had 35 years of reckonable service, during the last year of service he has to pay for his son's higher educations to join on Engineering at Chennai. It was a payments seat; the amount required very urgently was 40,000/- rupees. I have applied for the educational loan from my IAFPF account. The total deposit in my account holds around 1, 50,000/- rupees.

 Where as I have been turned down for many clarifications from the so called engineering college fee structure, total fee to be paid, total expenditures for the full course etc were demanded by the Air Hqtrs to sanction the loan of that extreme emergency

Author tried to get all details from the so called engineering college and again the applications were submitted through proper channel and after 25 days it was turned down, stating that you have applied for volunteer retirements and so on .Hence the loan amount can not be sanctioned etc.

Due to the red tapism of Air Hqtrs turned down the loan amount my son lost the valuable engineering seat at Chennai and he has to join in the Pvt AMIE courses.
Provocation by the author is:

a) Higher education loan is only for Air Force Officers wards only?

b) Its not the Govt concessional loan where as it’s the personnel savings on IAFPF asked for a loan?

c) If emergencies can not be met by IAFPF on educational loans why we were told or propagate for savings while earnings?

d) If at all any policy not allowing the education loan for wards of serving soldier’s  through IAFPF the educational Bank loans may be initiated to the poorly paid airmen and his wards?

e) If poor Airmen’s wards should not read or go for higher educations in India it has to be promulgated to the all concerned?

Will the policy makers of IAF listen to the cue and cry of serving soldier’s please?
Author: Ex. Warrant Officer