Now a days the servicing of computers means change a defective chips or components
and that’s called computer servicing becaz these spare parts  are readily available in Indian markets.Eventhogh chip line or level being serviced by few service engineers and mechanis.But those are not guaranteed or wrathful.

But during our periods in Indian Air Force Squadrons if we need a component or a spare parts are to be demanded to USSR only. No other spare parts and components were available in Indian Markets.

And also each and every demands has to go through proper channel vide Equipment depots-Maintenance Head quarters and through to Ministry of Defence to Foreign Ministry and to the Company produces the spare parts in Russia. Here not only undue delay to put a demands and it may or may not reaches us or available status not known to us. And the cost of a silly pins and cables costs us in Foreign exchange in lakhs of Dollars in values.
So during those days the spare parts concerned are very difficult subjects and with in available supply we have to run the show of maintenance. When our Aircraft system fails to send its signals to operate and functions the aerial camera are is failed and we found lot of difficulties to scrutinize the defects.

When I have tested with testers the so called cameras are functions properly. But when connected to the aircraft this camera systems are not functioning. Great tug of war took place among tradesmen like Instrument Repairers and Photo Fitters at the Squadron.
And those Technical Officers were blindly supporting to the Instrument Repairers. Where as they all blames Photo fitters and the Photo equipments for its Un-serviceability.
Confused by the tech officers and I have a meaningful Discussions with my Electrical friend JWO.SS.Sing
And as per his advice and ready to works on any number of hours on these subjects he has decided to check the Aircraft cable systems which reach from Second Generation Computers to the Photo equipments. Photo equipments were dis- connected and un-loaded on the trolleys.

He has taken lot of pains to disconnect the Second Generation Computer connecting plugs with 64 pins and removed the connecting plugs and sockets from the Photo equipments. Now around 50 feet’s of cable with both ends connectors of 64 pins are ready to be tested.