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December 2005

Two complete days have gone Russians unable to detect the fault or tried to rectify the fault. And also they hate Indian Air force technicians by sloppies, sleekies, unable to lift 400 kgs of a camera and so on.

 So during free or off season times I used to read lot of books on basic computing and knowledge of computers. During 1982 when am reading the latest computers my friends used to joke on me  and even say mad 's maddie etc.But I Donna what am going to achieve from the basics of computer during those days. By these times seven wonderful years have gone and finally I have been posted or called transferred to the same aircraft squadron.

When am working with Russian technicians on the handing over of the master serviced aircraft I have found the  photo graphic system is not working .where as the Russians says your camera equipments only un-serviceable and pls check that etc So my self and my colleque JWO.N Kutty(Late) tried our methods to rectify the equipments gone on wind. SO finally am in the opinions that the so called second generation Computer not sending signals to start and operate the camera is simply missing.

Next day the same fights going on and the Indian Air Force Technical officers were supporting blindly to the Russians. Where as am adamant in my technical skill to say the so called 2 generation computers not sending signals to the photographic equipments.

Again I have read the Russians technical books translated into English version is simply of non- technical but of literary versions. So it has taken three working days to come to the concluding point of the computers signals to the photo equipments in the connecting cord pin no 23 to 27 is simply missing. So when am adamant to accept the U/S aircraft after master servicing at Moscow the technical officers were little dilemma to support..

Where as Russian interpreter comes into my rescue to find the faults of the aircraft from me and my team. now the Russian technicians  were betting with me if I service the equipments in a day or so. Where as, its a challenging job and prestigious task for our Indian Air Force technicians. So we have agreed to service with in 24 hours .

 And finally we have rectified the tasks in 22 hours and due to Indian air Force technician’s efforts the Russians were left in time to go to New Delhi for onward flying to their bases in Moscow. With lot of enthusiasm on our efforts on technical superiority we have done that and earned from Russian delegation a bottle of vodka .Keep up Indian Air Force Technicians? Hurray to all of uuuuuuu

How we have rectified the second generation, will be known in our next episode?

Its happened at the western India Airforce Base on 24 Jan 1966. The aircraft Hunter Mk.iv Fighter /bomber aircraft landed after second sortie for turn round servicing at Pane No 8.There awaits the Leading Aircraftsmen Mr.Anand for Airframe servicing.He was a jolly good fellow,and hard worker on Hunter aircrafts over 4 years of experience.He has undertook the aircraft for STBD wheel charging.His assistance was Non-Combatant employee (NCE) Mr Hariram, hari is on the pressure cylinder opens the high pressure air for the tyres to be charged.he sat very casually over the cylinder and facing the whell of stbd, and the Anand was with his tool to charge the stbd side wheel.
That operations started at 1030 hrsin the fine mornings. Pressure is ON and the tyre being charged.But at this time Mr anand felt something fissy on the tyres/wheels of the stbd and started shouting at hari to runaway.By this times hari left the cylinder in fully open conditions and ran away.Hardly he might have reached fifty yards or so a bold and bombastic explosions took place and found LACD Anand
was blown into pieces and his blood and fleshes were found on the walls of the pane. Final COI founds that LAC Anand was not used his TPG ( Tyre Pressure Gauge for the charging) hence declared a Human error on the part of the incidents.Oh What a shock on the human errorism?? What material found on the COI was a metal pieces surrounding the pane and  the tarmac?Here comes the dew Doubts on COI

1.If tpg was to be blamed for the explosions,only tyre alone should have burst?
2.Instead how the  mettalic brake drums were blown into pieces?
3.Hence it is suspected that mettalic failures were not noted for the cause of incidents?
4.Its a part of a COI members failure to analyse the real cause for that incidents and the outright blames on the human error of  deceased leading aircraftmen

Anands to deprive the due compensations on his sudden death due to mettalic failures?
Till date the Indian Airforce not learnt the real time and the modern way of enquiring the aircraft accidents and incidents on its inventory.Hence it is suggested that when ever an aircraft accident took place a scientist on mettalurgy from DRDO, and the Senior warrant officers of the rank of not less than a Warrant Officer of the same trade may also be included to analyse and come to conclude the accidents

will the top brass of Air Force will listen ?

It was a sunny mornings of eastern sector, Beyond Jayanthi kills., Next to or near to Bhutan border. A Caribou aircraft was carrying  few authorized passengers and many un-authorized passengers towards western direction. The climate was so nice ,wind direction was favouring pilots. Aircraft with heavy raised tails were very majestically looking at the sun and it was a solo flight for the new pilot and a jolly good flying for un-authorized passengers. There travels a   senior most warrant officer Mr. .Mammen.who has very recently married a youngest wife from the greater kerala too. He was in the dreams to meet his better half within a half an hour or so>

Here comes a great tragedy of the accident. The Pilot of the aircraft missed or lost contact with both the ATC’s. Destination airbase is surprised to see on the radars the sudden missing of the G8 Caribou Aircraft? Could not identify n the radar it gave an SOS calls to search the missing aircraft. Many fighters were took off from the bases and landed with no clues?
Army was alerted and on Ground survey ordered, many helicopters were on the flights to search the fateful aircraft? Like that 72 hrs lapsed no trace of the missing aircraft?
Admin information’s were released on the probable death of passengers and pilots were notified. Bereaved families were arrived on the air base from far away kerala too.
On fifth day mornings Army’s jungle warfare groups detected the smell and solids of a G8 Caribou over the Jayanthi kills western directions and many VIP’S flown over accident site and found nothing to trace?
On sixth day onwards few dead body parts were picked up by the army men start arriving at Airbase to manage to pack it in a coffins and like that by that night altogether 36 coffins were ready for cremation

On the cremation ground many religious heads were gathered to perform the last rites of the bodies brought up by army men.

Saddest of all was the hue and cry of the young malayalee lady of the deceased warrant officer. She was crying and asking the authorities to show her husbands solemn body at least? No one could solemn her, With heavy on heart and soul all the 36 coffins were burnt together after performing last rites of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikhs,Buddhism etc.

Oh my dear soldiers when ever you are in uniform you have no religious feelings except few functions here and there and the same while death also you have no religious feels?
What a unity and integrity of our Great Nation?

Author: was an ex-AF Warrant officer

As per my studies on the second generation Computers has to send signals to Put camera energized and On and operate, expose, adjust Exposure indicators , film windings and so on are all through these 64 pin connectors only.

 When am accurately found the No 15, 16 ,29, and 57 as earthling and 61 as a  live for main supply were tested and found.. The fault was with that of earthling cable Number 57 and the input supply cable no 19 and 21 found crushed and damaged during loading and un-loading practices.

Now these three cables are to be changed totally. The task of changing cables is to be requested to Chief. Engineering. Officer of the station. And in turn he has to take permissions from his higher ups. Under these conditions we were unduly waiting and wasting times on permissions to change cables.

 Other problems of new cables on the same size, length, gradation, and core are to be found for the correct matching. When we happens to see the crash bay, similar air crafts debris was available. Soon we have decided to cut open those cables and tests for its security strength and resistances.

How ever after few days the ok message arrived from Air Hqtrs and the changing of cables started. We took many technicians support to dis connect or opens various components, panels and removed many components and ready for the task of changing cable.

 The so called un-serviceable cable can not be removed so easily, hence from the both ends we have tested the continuity test and scrutinized the damaged cables. And we opened the plugs and connectors of nose side first. And use with shouldering irons we have melted its base and disconnected the three pins first.

And then from the tails side also three pins were disconnected and with he help of the technicians we started pulling it out. At the same time the old cables removed from salvage dept are shouldered along with old cables of aircraft from the nose and starts pulling .Slowly and steadily we could remove one cable out and the connecting cards
are also reached the perfect place for joining with shoulders
Like that pins No 19, 21 and 57 were disconnected and changed with new cables.
After new shouldering and connecting all the security covers and varnishes all the cable coatings and tied with given or specified locking wires.

The system been tested for ground functioning and then on air testing found functioning wonderfully. Oh!!! What a Great job we have done and more than major Servicing at Moscow we have done it here.

Hurray Indian air Force Technicians!!!!!

Now a days the servicing of computers means change a defective chips or components
and that’s called computer servicing becaz these spare parts  are readily available in Indian markets.Eventhogh chip line or level being serviced by few service engineers and mechanis.But those are not guaranteed or wrathful.

But during our periods in Indian Air Force Squadrons if we need a component or a spare parts are to be demanded to USSR only. No other spare parts and components were available in Indian Markets.

And also each and every demands has to go through proper channel vide Equipment depots-Maintenance Head quarters and through to Ministry of Defence to Foreign Ministry and to the Company produces the spare parts in Russia. Here not only undue delay to put a demands and it may or may not reaches us or available status not known to us. And the cost of a silly pins and cables costs us in Foreign exchange in lakhs of Dollars in values.
So during those days the spare parts concerned are very difficult subjects and with in available supply we have to run the show of maintenance. When our Aircraft system fails to send its signals to operate and functions the aerial camera are is failed and we found lot of difficulties to scrutinize the defects.

When I have tested with testers the so called cameras are functions properly. But when connected to the aircraft this camera systems are not functioning. Great tug of war took place among tradesmen like Instrument Repairers and Photo Fitters at the Squadron.
And those Technical Officers were blindly supporting to the Instrument Repairers. Where as they all blames Photo fitters and the Photo equipments for its Un-serviceability.
Confused by the tech officers and I have a meaningful Discussions with my Electrical friend JWO.SS.Sing
And as per his advice and ready to works on any number of hours on these subjects he has decided to check the Aircraft cable systems which reach from Second Generation Computers to the Photo equipments. Photo equipments were dis- connected and un-loaded on the trolleys.

He has taken lot of pains to disconnect the Second Generation Computer connecting plugs with 64 pins and removed the connecting plugs and sockets from the Photo equipments. Now around 50 feet’s of cable with both ends connectors of 64 pins are ready to be tested.

Under the guidance of our NCC teacher Mr.Veerabhagu we had eagerness to join in defence services. Results of SSLC were declared May 1964 then onwards am in search of a job in defence services. Before me my dearest friend Mr. AK Lakshmanan
 Joined in Indian air Force as an Airman in the trade of Airframe fitter. He was my inspiration to join IAF.I also went to Madurai for the first time for recruitment at IAF.
But they were rejected me for underwait.Second time I have tried at Nellai at Palayam kottai, before I reaches  to the travelers bungalow everything was over.

Finally with my friend Mr .Vairavan's advice i reached to Shencottai for the recruit ment.His advice on eating banana enough after eating stomachful palayathu (rice with buttermilk)with lemon pickle kept my required wait intact. There, I was the first in all the field in writing and practicals.Recruitments went on for two more days, we all slept on the verandah of travelers bungalow with the help of the recruiting officials. Third day morning recruiting officer arrived and one by one we have called for an interview. My term comes; he asked me why do you want to join IAF?

I have shown my well built hands and   body  further said if Chance is given I shall do best for my country  and even I can sacrifice my life to my mother land..  I can give anything to my country. He understood my feelings and gave clearance to be recruited as
an airmen of Indian Air Force. That great interview and my feelings kept me alive in Indian Air Force for the glorious period of 35 years of reckonable service and also I have retired from IAF on 31 Dec 1999..

It was the year 1982 and  I have been posted in New Delhi. From there I have been forcefully sent for a course at central Air Command. Due to the forceful moments and my disturbed family and troubles created by IAF authorities at the local station /small unit commander called Wg. Cdr Jain the provoking man of airforce, partiality men of airforce, head weight of Air force forced me to the course in spite of problems of my family   to stay at palam colony with her two kids.

Otherwise also the said course comes on my friend is called SGT.Mann.Who is also Hindu Punjabi and butter men to erstwhile wg.cdr Jain they have forced me to go far the course for three months. So it is  called a plot to force me to go for the course.

The initial period was boring, not interested to read and write and almost we are three men’s also forcefully send to the course. So we are almost pen down dharnas inside our class room. Our Lecturer was a Bengali called MWO. Mitra   He too not understands and don’t want to understand our family problems. He is worried about his tasks and completions of lesson and his planning’s.

 Many words are in Russians and the total theory of aeronautics is just opposite to the western views. Which we were not understanding or not accepting and also not believing.
The western countries philosophy on aeronautics is fine finish where as Russians are just opposite one.

The lecture on computer comes into force on fourth weeks of our course. No monitor, no key boards, no hard discs, no mouse and rats and all. Because it was a second generation computer and it occupies half of the total plinth area of a huge aircraft of 52 feet in length. Numbers of panels were to open, and every panel has 24 fasteners so at a total of 6X24=144 fasteners to be opened and then only access to the computer parts can be viewed.

 And every time the so called Russian trained technicians used to carry a magnetic tape roller of 700 feet or so to be programmed at their strong rooms and again to be loaded on the so called 2 generation computers. Of course the programmes are failure proofs and reliable in all the technical fields and supportive.

.Russians proudly says  the computers never fails .But once we undertake an aircraft after major serviced by Russians in Moscow and assembled at our base has some problems in the computer signals to our photographic equipments.

Hence the photo equipments could not be energized or an operatable.Every Russian technician says the photo equipment is only unserviceable. And was supported by so called Indian Engineering officers of the base blindly.

Author had 35 years of reckonable service, during the last year of service he has to pay for his son's higher educations to join on Engineering at Chennai. It was a payments seat; the amount required very urgently was 40,000/- rupees. I have applied for the educational loan from my IAFPF account. The total deposit in my account holds around 1, 50,000/- rupees.

 Where as I have been turned down for many clarifications from the so called engineering college fee structure, total fee to be paid, total expenditures for the full course etc were demanded by the Air Hqtrs to sanction the loan of that extreme emergency

Author tried to get all details from the so called engineering college and again the applications were submitted through proper channel and after 25 days it was turned down, stating that you have applied for volunteer retirements and so on .Hence the loan amount can not be sanctioned etc.

Due to the red tapism of Air Hqtrs turned down the loan amount my son lost the valuable engineering seat at Chennai and he has to join in the Pvt AMIE courses.
Provocation by the author is:

a) Higher education loan is only for Air Force Officers wards only?

b) Its not the Govt concessional loan where as it’s the personnel savings on IAFPF asked for a loan?

c) If emergencies can not be met by IAFPF on educational loans why we were told or propagate for savings while earnings?

d) If at all any policy not allowing the education loan for wards of serving soldier’s  through IAFPF the educational Bank loans may be initiated to the poorly paid airmen and his wards?

e) If poor Airmen’s wards should not read or go for higher educations in India it has to be promulgated to the all concerned?

Will the policy makers of IAF listen to the cue and cry of serving soldier’s please?
Author: Ex. Warrant Officer

The author was an outspoken SNCO of Indian Air Force. Once during 1983-84
The unit has to buy a still camera for its local use. The commander of the unit was a good and honest Squadron Leader. Being a technical officer he has been guided by the Unit Gp II technicians and he also believed that. But the real factor is the guided person has no idea of Camera or any other Photo equipments, prices, quality, ruggedness etc.
How ever the mischief of the fellow made the officer to buy a Photographic camera of Russian origin and very proudly showing to the author the next day. So the author also commented the un-worthiness of the Russian origin camera for frequent use of this unit.

How ever the Russian camera was unserviceable within a week or so.Gurantee periods were given but no servicing agency is near by. Due to the wrong guidance again the unit was handicapped .

Mean while republic day celebrations came and a stag party was organized in the SNCO'S mess. The commander and his  guests were arrived and the party was in full swing. Now the author would like to know the reasons for buying the worst camera for the unit and the person who has advised him etc from his commanding officer jovially. The Commander said the person was senior most in the unit  who have guided him,inspite of his long service in the unit he has to buy his suggestions.

The author who got provoked and told the commander "Sir" in these conditions you must have advised by our Ashok kumar the lascar(cleaner) he was int the unit for over 15 years) of our unit?? Because he is in this unit as a civilian, he stays here longer than any one in this unit.

Thank god the commander was understood his faults and rectified later for anything and everything. So god also blessed him with all fortunes thereafter.
Author: Ex Warrant Officer

Many crashes took place and many trained pilots and their trainers also crashed on air or crashed on the ground of a nearby village of Tezpur airfield. To have crashes many reasons were told. And many excuses were explained. Human errors and pilot's errors were explained still no improvements on crashes.

Many birds were killed in and around the air fields. Environmentalists were asked to keep the city cleaned to avoid bird hits etc. But none of them have the privileged to set up a modern and high technological team to detect the actual cause for the crashes and also in a particular terrain and a place.

How ever the people of so called high tech aircraft engineers and Administrators, Air Force wives welfare associations, Officers wives welfare associations are all joined together performed their intellectual prayers on the place of incidents at the devils village and done all parikramas,.

Even the so called ambassadors of Flight safety officers or the Command Flight safety office has nothing to reveal the cause for the continuous air crash on the same region and terrain for several months or years.

Since the performance of so called parikrama poojas concerned no pilots were died or killed. There after many accidents were continuing with the killing of the pilots of the brave fighter bombers.

 Air force flight safety officers are requested to perform instead of poojas and parikramas they are requested to take helps from meteorology dept of india, DRDO, seismographic centers of the place to ask and ASSIST TO FIND OUT THE CAUSES FOR AN CONTINUOUS AIRCRASH ON THE SAME TERRAIN /PLACE RATHER THAN to assume always as a human errors. This will create a very long time unity and integrity of pilots of Indian Air force who flies on eastern Air Command to have boost on their morale and the human values.

Once the real cause for the accidents on the same terrain /place is known they can change the path of flying thereby crores of rupees of the tax payers saved along with sophisticated pilots lives are also saved for the Nation.

Author: Ex.Warrant Officer

I have reported to the forward base in Punjab during September 1965.and I have been allotted to undergo training for Ack-Ack Gun firing squad. Along with me eight airmen were also detailed to undergo for few hours of training on that. An Army havildar was on duty to teach the ack -ack gun, the mechanism, principles and history of the mobile field Ack-Ack Gun. He taught us how to load the gun and fire on dummy round, Immediately after the few hours trainings we were allotted to different gun positions at our inner fence around our air force camp.

In the evenings of Sept 7, 1965 we were all enjoying on the field, and cutting jokes and chatting on and around our allotted guns. When we deeply discuss about the validity and serviceability of the guns allotted to us and makes fun out and chilling at nights.At mid night the cue and cry of Peacocks at our airfield, shrieking sounds of jackals and many other mammals on our base made us to be more alert and frightening.

 Our gun posts were issued with point 303 rifles, in that horrible night we were loaded our point 303 guns and kept our bayonets cover removed and ready to challenge or face any eventualities. After few minutes we have seen on oursky, an aircraft flying and attacking our airfield. They were too low flying just above our heads or just on tree tops. They dropped something on us and we also heard thug like heavy sounds.

 After the drops we heard our field telephones start ringing at their lowest voice. We managed to pick up the voice and heard????/ Hey gentleman enemy on our head fire your guns at 45degree azimuth direction and continue to do so till we say stop

.Oh what a tense moments, its the pitch dark, unable to see our ammunition stocks, and struggle to unlock the guns. Finally we found our ammunition packs of four each in a magazines, it was very difficult to carry towards the gun assembly, however guns were loaded by two of us and pulled the cocking lever towards cocking positions.

 And I was on the gun assembly and sat on the gunner seat lifted the long aimer and positioned on my shoulders. Now I can see the sky through the aimer and search the positions on azimuth at my left and pulls down the rear barrel of the gun and again a sudden call to fire,fire.So when am about to fire another wave of  Bombers from enemy aircrafts were over flying on my head,  Taken the long breath and released the firing lever. Gun being fired and heavy shocks like mini earth quakes I have felt with lot of smoke and dusts around our gun. Now I can see the number of field Ack-Ack guns were also firing on the same time and the same directions. Due to our heavy firings the B-52 Bombers from PAKISTANI AIRCRAFTS pulled up and flown fast from our gun firing range.

And runaway towards their fields.Everthing took place within a few minutes. And hardly have I fired 16 rounds of four magazines only.Now I have no ammunitions to fire if needed on that night.

Now a light vehicle with siren with red light and flags flying car reached our gun post? We are in the dilemma to fire the car or not? Who’s car in the night when the air raid sirens were still ON?

We challenged the car and finally found with surprise is that the car is driven by our Air Force Station Commander Group Captain GK .John? What a brave commander without any assistance or security with lights ON during the enemies attack on our air Field?

In that night he was so much appreciating us and wonders to see our guns were fired at enemy attacks and consumed all ammunitions? The morale he gave us at nights of the horrible bombing night kept us alive and active throughout the war.

 Now am feels proudly, the leadership quality of our Station Commander, and braveness of the simple men who ready to scarify his life to his mother land  even during the awkward situations on real/live war?

 Some how the first-night of the Day one of the war is over and we were jubilant on seeing the twilight. Now Indian Air Force Fighter Planes of Hunters and Gnats were
roared on our sky and start patrolling our skies from Foes. When the morning lights were
on we gunners wants to discuss and to know the score of firings and the results and the  strange night visitor our Station Commander and his braveness.

 So am was crossing the fields and my friend Aircraftmen DN.Singh also crossed the Hangars we were guarding and suddenly and shockingly he was shouting on me go Back! Go Back!! By shouting he was running back like hell.

When the matter was verified we found Four Bombs dropped by Pakistanis Bomber Aircrafts were not exploded? If that would have exploded during that night, Casualties might have more than anticipated. And the Aircraft Hangars along with Servicing Aircrafts would have damaged or even periled where as God blessed us and the one bomb which exploded killed few hundred crows around the trees. So we have at last witnessed the un-exploded Bombs belongs to United States of Americans manufactured.

So what a shame on the part of Pakistani Air force droppings and their accuracy and the unexploded bombs and rockets procured from USA??

An equipment like a viewer and scanner was supplied to eastern command Air Force units during the year 1986-87.I was in-charge of a section in the easdtern Command base unit
and received the equipments and gone through the technical books supplied alongwith.
The machine was imported from UK and it contains Do’s and Dont’s very neatly in simple english.

Actually speaking am interested to read new equipments and behaviours,and the optimum usage to the unit concerned.In that mood i have gone through the technical books supplied along with and  books made me to experiment with new technology of Scanning the large sized negatives to our Head quarters.

To operate the machine we need  the following equipments:
a) uninterupted power supply( UPS)
b) Independent telephone line
c) medium supply of electrical connections 230Volt AC 50  cycle
d) To fast develop the exposed films needs contrast developers
e) For quick drying we need alcohol of 25 ltrs
f) For quick fixing of negatives we needs liquid fixers
g) to avoid alcohol smells or polutions a exhaust fan with outlet for smokes to go out
h) a fully arranged dark room with selected safe lights for processing
i) an outlet to be used for excessive water or chemicals to go away
and ofcourse trained manpower.

After reading of the tech books i could understand the systems well and arranged everything locally with out involving Airforce monetary requirements.And necessary information to the higher authorities were send as equipment is tested and fit for immediate use.

in the meanwhile one of the machine also supplied to other unit in the same command.where as that unit gave a report on the machine as stated below:

a) No place to accomodate the machine in this unit.
b) No trained manpower is available
c) Independent tele line is not feasible.
d) No special chemicals are available in this unit.
e) To make the machine fit to be used in this unit required number of minor works to be carried
they are: 1) Electrical fittingscost 25,000.00 rupees.
          2) Erection of UPs         15,000.00 rupees
          3) To train the man power  40,000.00 rupees
          4) To procure spl chemicals10,000.00 rupees
          5) Exahust,outlet          10,000.00 rupees

So total 1,00,000-00 rupees was requested to allocate tpo the unit to estabilise the equipments for opeartions.Request advice? that was the message originated by the unit concerned.

By seeing two contrast reports on the machine installations the command Head quarters,Senior Maintenace Officer had surprise visit to my unit to verify the facts?>
After my detailed explanations and he has seen the installed machines on the dark room with available local modifications without involving any expenses. And local mockup drill have been witnessed by him on the machines were happily appreciated our units initiatives and applauded us for our sincerity.

Since then he send the other unit airmen to undergo trainings on the machines at our base was the credit to technicalpersonnel.
So u always use your ways and means to procure local avaialable equipments for immediate installations and operational requirements. Keep up technology of Indian Air Force.

It was the year 1965 September month 3 rd evenings’ unprovoked attack on our air field by PAF.

Many waves of aircraft Saber jets of Pakistan Air force fighter aircrafts were flying over head.

But we were not aware of them. We are all on the pack up mode.

At twilight our Indian Air Force Hunters were on routine ORP dusk flying was ON. The Hunter Mk56 versions of all weather day light fighters were flying by the trainee pilots like Flying Officer RK Neb and his partner Fg Officer Gandhi

As the over head flying Aircraft was found to be Foe Pakistani’s our ATC and SU’s were recognized as FOE on our sky gave an scramble in order to shoot down the Sabers jets.

Immediately Neb and Gandhi were immediately engaged the Saber’s and shooting started on Air to-Air.

Now also we were watching sky with galore and enjoying the fire powers of the few aircrafts.

In-between the Air raid warning sirens were on and we woke up and ran towards our shelter trenches and watch the sky above. Good fire display was on above our heads.

After few minutes something happens on air and an aircraft was crashing towards the field out side our airfield. A second aircraft crashed on a hut near Jullundur road Third aircraft was crashing deep inside our airfield. Other two aircrafts were escaped from our fighter pilots and on next day we came to know that two aircrafts escaped from Air Force Fighters were shot down by Army Ack-Ack gun fighters near our wagah borders.

After few minutes air clearance sirens were blown and we all back to our sections /offices.

Then as a photographer I have been taken away from my trench by our Engineering officer to the spot where the sabers jets were shot down.

I had few shots on my C-3 Cameras of 4"x 5′ camera. Reached to our dark rooms and processed the negatives and produced several prints for real time proofs for our international brethrens shot downs of sabers and publicity.

After the Two Hunter fighter -Bombers aircrafts were landed the Cine camera films were removed and carried to our dark rooms and we have developed the cine camera rolls of

50 feet each and what we found as a real shooting downs of Saber jets by our Brave Air force fighter pilots.

Every frame are filled with real actions of, gun being fired and the smokes out from enemies tails of Sabers and Sabers got fire and get crashing down were well filmed by the automatic cine camera

Already fitted on our Hunter Aircrafts called G-90.

These things were possible because of our Air Force fighter pilots were well practiced during Peace times. Every training sorties were loaded with a dummy guns and a roll of cine camera and cine film for their accuracy on 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, Air to Ground attacks, and dog fight exercises as a routine during peace times. Due to the vigorous practice on dummy guns with Camera firings on target In the real times of war less bleeds we felt.

During the War with Pakistani’s supersonic aircrafts like F-15’s and Canberra-B52 our pilots braveries can not be compared with any other things in the universe. Those days we have not having a night fighters or night vision glasses or long range bombers, and long range radars And anti-aircraft guns etc.Even the aircraft missiles were not available. But Pakistanis got missiles and anti -aircraft missiles etc from US.

And united states of America were blindly supported Pakistanis for their strategical support requirement and a permanent base at Indian continent. Those supports were not the real support for Pakistanis but to counter measures to curtail USSR activities in Indian Ocean or Asia only


Equipments were supplied to Pakistanis were plenty but the braveness could not be supplied by the US Administrations Due to lack of Bravery of Pakistani pilots and soldiers the morale was so poor they could not with stand to face the Indian airmen, soldiers and sailors. Indian forces were supported by whole nation of 60 crores of peoples with one voice i.e. BHARAT MATHA KI JAI AND JAI JAWAN and the morale of soldier’s, Airmen and seamen were induced the braveries and won the war with ease.

Many hundred billion costs for Pakistanis and many thousands were killed. On the cease fire our brave pilots like Fg.Offr.Neb, Fg.Offr Gandhi were decorated with vir chackras.And we were proud to receive the Bravery medals from our President Late Dr.Radha Krishnan.

On the political side we lost our Efficient, talented, people friendly, simple, and kissanised Prime Minister Mr. Lal Bahadur Sasthrriji at Moscow during negotiations on cease fire, we lost a great leader of this world peace but his solarium always memorable in our ears.


Thousands of pilots available in Indian Air Force with different streams.They are Fighter pilots,Bomber Pilots,and Helicopter Pilots.1965 to 1972 i was with fighter squadrons and from 1972 to 1976 i was with bomber squadronsand again from 1989 to 1996 iwas with Trisonic squadrons.So these many years i have met and mingled with lot of pilots on personally and professionally.

During 1965 i have met the great warriors like Wg Cdr Weir,Wg Cdr Green,Squadron Leader
Kakkar,Squadron Leader Sandhu,Squadron Leader Suri,Flight Lieutenant Rana,Flt.Lt Sekhar,Flying Officer Neb,Flying Officer Gandhi and Flying Officer VVR Nair.
Among those warriors Wing Commander Weir was a gentlemen officer and he maintains good relationship with all the men and materials of his commanding area.His smiling face makes his career success in his life as a forward base commander during and after war on 1965.
During his period as a commander the squadron received all the competitive trophies from Air head quarters on Maintenace,flying achivements,range firings,tactic excercises,and time bound aircraft maintenace etc along with over all champion trophy too.Those days were really jubilant in the squadron men and officers.Those were made possible by his man managements,upkeeping of mens morale, spirit of working,human values he has extended to his staff,and the great warrior Squadron Leader Kakkar as his Flight Commander.

If I talk about Squadron Leader Kakkar,he is the men of gem, jovial with airmen,frank with officers and demon to his Hunter and Gnat aircraft Trainee pilots.His skill on flying is so wonderful.And he takes off aircraft from parking slot to runway is so nice and vise we gratitude to him.His taking off of the Hunter Aircraft like mother lifts her baby and his landings like just smooth landings on water.

During those periods aircraft accidents are very rare because of his tedious trainings
to his sub ordinate traininig pilots and he makes them dare devil during their training periods.During the training periods he involves the airmen to vigil on his trainee pilots human errors, and mechanical defects.

So every airmen  is vigil on receiving training pilots Aircrafts and observe the mistakes or errors made with aircrafts and  are denoted on a  defect report register kept with our technical office.Every day many 100′S sorties were made and we found as many errors by the training pilots.By that evenings Squadron Leader Kakkar observe the defects of each pilots error, and  he immediately penalise them with number of Liquor bottles or asks them to march to his mess by walk and so on.

During the month end the collected liquor bottles were opened up during "RUM PUNCH"and during that festive time every trainee pilots will remember/re-collect the errors they made during those tedious flying training periods and here Squadron Leader Kakkar comes to rescue them with all kind of guidance while flying etc.`Here we used to watch the Great warrior explains each and every ones faults during and after flights of each sortie.He explains with great jolly mood as they are all his younger  brothers alike.So these affected pilots on human errors/mistakes never takes those punishments as fines but as a best for their careers only.So this type of trainings will never effects the mental balances,where as it makes them to have courage to the fighter pilots, and quick decision makers on air.

At last  i have to mention our Great Technical officers (those days are called EO)Squadron Leader Boba rai AE(M),and Squadron Leader Krishnan AE(L)both were given enough rooms to our senior technicians to take all decisions on their subordinates leave,sick,rest,off-duty etc.So these freedoms on us makes us to work and enjoy at any times during 365X24 hours of the year 1965 to 1969.Endurances were given to all our men and materials but we never kepts them low and kept our Squadrons color flying for ever

It was a fine mornings on the autumn season in Air Force Station ground training school, where the photographic training being taught to us. We are 36 in number just listens the theory of dark room arrangements by our Instructor Corporal RK. Nair. He has very good knowledge on dark room procedures and theory of arrangements of chemicals on the sinks.

 He said the sink is a big or small water tank and can accommodate around 500 ltrs of water or so. The sink have majestic look and its height is 4feet 6 inches, length is 12 feet, width is 6 feet and the majestic sink is situated on the centre of the totally dark room.

Over the sink floats a very dim green safe light and also that should be put on only to view the correct developments of the exposed negatives inside the dark room. In the corner of the dark room a rope or a string is connected to the either side of the wall to hold or hang the developed negatives for drying.

So, when the trainees enter the dark room they should maintain the discipline and the pin drop silence to be achieved and so on were taught. At last we have been asked to go in a line to the totally darkened dark room. When we enter the dark room, we have well maintained the discipline.

At the end of our row our Instructor Corporal RK Nair also enters the dark room and the door of the dark room also closed now. Inside the room the temperature is increasing, and we are start sweating.  How ever a old model made in England Royal Air Force
Ceiling fan alone cried towards us and run slowly on our head with crèche noise at sometimes.

Now our Instructor asked us Gentlemen can u see dark room walls.? As a disciplined soldiers we were on chorus said  Yes sir., and he said am now opening the slide cover ,Can u see all? All were said sympathetically yes sir. Now he said am now going to wards the sink were the chemicals for developments are kept. Can u see me? Yes sir.
Look at the sink, now the chemical trays are arranged from left to right, First tray as running water, Can u see that? Yes sir. Second Tray having Universal Developer. Can u see the brown colored developer? Yes sir in chorus said.In the third tray has the rinsing water and the fourth tray having the sodium Thio sulphite solutions for fixing the latent image converting into permanent image. Can u see the white solutions? yes sir by snorings.Last and fifth tray running water.

And he asked one of his mates to check-up the timings? It was 12:55 Pm and he said dear u call me when the time comes into 13:00 hrs ok? He too agreed and the final base of developing he started first he soaked the film, second he developed the film, third he rinsed the film and removed the extra solutions to be removed and fourth he has asked the men the timings and apparently he too said sir its now 13:00 hrs instantly he put the developed negative inside the solution of Sodium thio-sulphite for permanent fixing.

Now he breathed so deeply and said am very glad u all have seen the successful development of a exposed film into a permanent negative. Are u all Happy? All were so vigorously said YES sir?  Because now we are all going to be released from the excessive stringent, filthy, breathless, and excess heated up dark room.

Now he has very jolly good mood and asked his senior men to put the lights ON.Wowowow!!! What a placement of people’s looking’s at walls of four corners,
And few guys were just looks up in search of the so called sink, and all eyes were closed.
By seeing us in different directions and our moods, our great instructor said you peoples never understand the dark room or its procedures and go to hell!!!!!
And we quietly came out of the hell in jolly good moods.

That was the year 1964 Nov 11 I have been recruited in Indian Air Force as a technician in Group II Trade as Photographer. First three months in Air force made me as disciplined Airmen. These three months were recollected as a period of hardship, tedious and mind boggling. Trained on Physical Fitness, Parade, Health run, Working parades, sick parade, discipline knockout parade and pay parades.

Discipline was in every field and we have been converted as disciplined soldiers during theses periods. These days we slept or rest only 5 to six hours a day only. During the basic training period hardship was so much we can not explain. Boot was the main problems on our foot. Many of us had injuries on our boot wearing and shoe bites were unable to express to anyone. As for mine I was the most effected on foot disease and the shoe bites were badly damaged my walking styles and how ever I was managing the pains and feelings in my mind and simply obey the powerful orders of the Ground Training Instructors

For us the so called GTI "s are called Ghosts or enemies of human being but never attempted to speak a word against them. If anyone speak out the atrocities  by the Ground Training Instructors  the individuals or the groups used to face multiple  punishments by crawling on the ground or  raise our rifles above our heads and run around  the parade ground in 20 times. By this time the trainees used to collapse and ambulance used to carry them to Station Sick Quarters for treatments.
Due to the fear of collective punishments and corrective drills we are all quite to accept the atrocities and the pains on the foot and the rotten foot fingers. First month itself our parade standard was improved lot by the standards laid down by IAF training Command. .But we were unable to with stand the fiery sun of the Tambaram and the tiredness of the too much drills and fatigue works made us to flat on the grounds often.

One fine morning there comes a divine Doctor was called Flight Lieutenant R Krishnan was visiting on the parade ground and seen us keenly on our health and  limbings.So immediately he has stopped the parade and pulled out  like me 27 young and smart trainees from there and taken in the ambulance to the station sick quarters.

Where he has asked us sympathetically and seen the real wounds on our foot and hands and checked our weights in the machine and surprised the lack of weight due to excess physical exercises, and fatigues on our body, and loss of water contents. And then he has advised us to have enough rests on bed for a day and gave due treatments on our shoe bites and advised to have extra diets for the periods of a month and regular reporting sicks on every monday and thereafter weight checking to hope up with regular training. Due to the timely care by the great savior  we are all improved our health and all our foot wounds are dried up and so again smartly and enthusiastically  continued our parades regularly and completed our Basic training in the first three months.

 During these days we have never allowed to go out or mingled with local civilians. And we have never seen a gal or women during these periods. That made us home sick on the memoirs of mothers and sisters and brothers.

On Completion our basic training we have been allowed to walk on or book out to see the outside the world. There I felt we got freedom or Independence to see our civilians or family members. And this day was memoirs of many airmen as independence day of us is not August 1947 but was on 10 February 1965 only.

During the 1965 war all family members were evacuated from the Airbase due to upkeeping of morale of Indian Airmen. Normally in all weather Punjabi and Jat womens are called dare devils of indian soil.where as every one of them were evacuated/shifted to safer places as their homes were nearby they were volunteered to go back to their villages and residences.And virtually all the families  were gone and the married quarters were looks like desert  of Jaisalmer. But few Tamil womens were refused to go to their natives and volunteerd to stay and watch the war activities and they were told the risks in the war front and the casualties there on.But they were more adamant to stay in the airfield quarters only.

How ever Airforce authorities were made necessary makeshift Bunkers for the family members.During day time or peace times they will be in their quarters and during the air raids they all jumps into their respective bunkers.No separate arrangements were made for their food and water facilities.

Every Airmen were issued  with Arms and ammunitions as per the ranks and the capability to operate,protect self and protect National properties.And they were given enough power to shoot at sight the starangers at night.Aircraftmens were issued with 20 rounds of ammunitions and a point 303 rifles.The rifles were loaded at all the times.The great slogan was "who fired first shall live for next". So during air raids time no one should walk out on roads,or cross the roads or gossips and during the nights full black outs to be maintained etc etc.

During day times no risk for all because of the flying wizards of tiny gnat aircraft fighters.But during nights the risk was enormous.Air raids were on for number of hours,because we were not having any night fighter planes.Due to this known factors Pakistani Aircrafts with Heavy Bombers used to bombard  heavily on the airfields  during nights.

whole nights will be sivarathri for all the personnels but the next day will be a searching day for collecting empty cases of used ammunitions,pakistanis unexploded rockets and bombs and shells.And we found many empty shells were just lying on/or near the family bunkers.Even un-exploded bombs and rockets were seen nearby.

.The brave tamil womens used to see the empty shells and rockets at their nearby residences but no panic from that and this deeds of the innocent and brave womens kept our mens morale so high during those days.

Tiny tots used to play those shells during day times as their dad’s were all engaged on the field activities.Its very difficult to stay on the war fronts by men due to risks where as the tamilian womens were brave enough to face all the terrible situations on the war front.

 Dry rations  were plenty where as fresh vegetables,milk,kerosenes were in short supply.If k-oil is served they have no times to cook their food beacuse of air raids or black outs during nights.Still am wondering how they could have fed their kids and tiny tots during those critical times??

To the brave womens am sincerly salutes and "HATS OFF" to them.Jai hind.

There is a small but classified air force unit near Delhi. It had around 100 photographers
to carryout the day to day tasks of IAF.During 1982-83 the unit was commanded by a Squadron Leader of the Technical Branch..

He is robust in looks, terror in his speech, boasting so much that he can do anything in the Air Force. So the robust squadron leader always surrounded by his followers and shake heads and hands for anything and everything he boost.. He blindly beliefs only his followers or cha-chas (buttress).So he was very famed for his partiality to do things for his men and deprived others.

His technical knowledge is very worst in the standard of IAF.His followers someday said to the commander that the stainless steel glazing drums are to be electroplated, and so the commander approved. And the approved demands were turned down by higher authorities later.

One day he asked his subordinates: why the photo graph is so unsharp?  But the high tech follower said : :-Sir, the print has to be some more developed etc. and he was very glad to that wonderful and immediate reply and he has appreciated for the prompt replies by his followers.
And once he holds a negative upside down and asks his followers why the hell Mr. Sharma is sitting upside down? His followers said sir, Mr. Sharma is mad fellow sir,
During photography he was upset sir, that’s why he is looking in negative upside down.

Another day he was watching photo testing sessions on a dummy model. Model was kept on left side of the screen to ascertain the sharpness of the photographs on testing. Exposed film was developed and dried and he was scrutinizing the sharpness with magnifying glass and shouts how the hell the dummy model now stands on right hand side of the negative ?etc.

And for further prove of his technical knowledge he enters the dark rooms and inspects the jobs on hand and he founds a print  was unsharp and he was unable to say anything to the technicians. How ever his follower fools him by saying sir, the CPL. Siva is shaking the prints while developing sir, that’s why the developed prints are so shaky etc.

Again on his technical skill on photography: a photographer has gone for a B/W Group Photographs and made few prints to show him in his office, he found his wife was looking too black on print so he shouts the photographer why the hell my wife is so dark in this picture? Answer by his follower was, sir its only a Black AND White Photographs sir, in some  places it will be white in other sides its blacks sir. If u wants we shall makes our madam fully white sir? But the other images of VVIP has to be blacks sir. Shall i do it? The Commander promptly said no let it be black.

Dear readers what i express here the lack of technical knowledge is endangers to the high tech Air Crafts and its maintenance crews.
If the commanders have this type of technical knowledge what can be the knowledge, and out put by his sub- ordinates can be imagined:?
Author: Ex. Warrant Officer

It was the Year 1964 February in the IAF Training Centre at Tambaram.The theory of light, reflection, refraction, chrome, lenses of various types and functions were taught. Along with this, theory of light, photo chemistry also taught by a senior Corporal R.Krishnan Nair.

He taught us the theory of photographic, lantern images, invisible to eyes and it can be made visible by developing the exposed film in the developer and can convert the temporary image into permanent on celluloid is called   the theory of development.So, to have a practical purposes, we have cut a film of 4"X5” from the unexposed roll of 500 meters inside the totally dark room. And the cut film was loaded on a slide carrier.

The camera   is of 5 inch FACE MAKER    a German made was kept ready for the exposure. The heaviest Camera can not be hand held, so it was positioned at a tripod on the room. Room was so big in size and can accommodate around 50 men or women’s for a single group photographic.

And the camera was also attached a heavy   duty electronic Flash gun Called BROWN HOBBY.  German Flash gun was loaded with fresh Dry cells of 6 in qty so total 9 volt DC is sufficient to operate the heavy duty electronic flash gun. And the carrier or the handle of the flash gun holds the Battery compartment. And the head of the Flash gun now loaded carefully by our instructor Corporal R.K Nair with a Flash bulb of 9 volts with mercury coated, soft lighting flash gun is ready for a single shot.
Our instructor was focusing the Face maker Camera by covering a Black & Red focusing cloth covering his head and camera back. We are all silent spectator bound and seeing the comedy role played by our great instructor, because he himself is invincible now. After sometimes he peeps out from the back of the camera and said are u all ready for the demonstration? All are standing  in front of the huge camera gave a smiling pose for the first day first shot on practical classes in front of  live camera. Now, he said gentlemen now am setting my exposures on the camera for the Great group photograph, that is Shutter speed is of1/60 th of a second, Aperture is 5.6f and nicely focused, and now am inserting the film slide carrier and removed the slide carrier door and cocked the shutter and lookedup, smiled lavishly and at last clicked the flash firing button.

Flash was fired like small atom bomb on the room, everyone was closed their eyes because of the so powerful flash which affected or frightened us and shaken our opinions on flash photography. There are few of our guys said their eardrum was shaken or someone has felt the buildings were collapsing etc.All our hearts were popped up so fast.

Wow!!! Here comes our brave and well learnt, well exposed instructor comes out from the heavy dusty smokes. His focusing cloth was half burnt and his fore arm was little burnt and also with a lot of smiles he told us sometimes it happens also!!!!

During 1960 to 70’s the fighter aircrafts were with less speed,more manouevarability,proven in war fronts with camera sorties,easy maintenance.Even the equipments can be inter changeables,rectifications are very easy and man poweres were believed in all the tasks and jobs undertaken on the fighter aircrafts servicing.

Flying hours were more during those days and every pilots will get enough training sorties and thereupon he shall prove his capabilities on the air as roll of fighter pilots by proving through Camera sorties.

And the evaluation of the fighter pilots were done during their passing out through his performance on the Aircraft cine camera sorties only.Number of occassions i have witnessed the fighter pilots were evaluated through their camera sorties and i used to operate the  16 mm silent projectors during the process.Each and every frames are scrutinised to evaluate and grade the fighter pilots.

If any failures or mistakes can be corrected on the next sorties there by amble chances were given to young and energetic fighters.During the evaluation of fighter pilots no mercy,no envy,no recommendations and no boostings were given.Every individual fighter pilots has to prove their capacity,braveness,IQ’s,decision makings,and also were made responsible for the machine which were flying by them.

So that system of evaluations made many fighter pilots dare devils on air and faced enemies superior planes and handled them on air and also succeded them by virtue of getting their dues by  Vir Chakras and Maha vir Chakras.And also we technicians are also felt the capacity and proven records of the pilots on air as well as in ground.

After 1970 in IAF, on arrivals of Mig Variants the systems were exclusively forgotten.
And after 70’s even the camera sorties were neglected and the evaluation of pilots and his performance were done through many other methods.So a pilot can not prove his ability on air to his high officials.And an errors of any in the air can not be proven to rectify or correct his human error values on air.

 How ever, the latest Fighter aircrafts were fitted with computers and video cameras but there performance and maintenance is always in question marks in IAF?

 Because proper trainings were not given to pilots on Computers  while on flying.And also the computer educations in IAF is really pathetic.Once a civil computer engineer called for servicing a computer in a IAF stn’s computer center and he was astonished to see not even  one percent of the equipments were utilised for IAF’s purpose.Only official/clerical purposes only where  used in computer like typing and little instead of selecting only general duty clerks to do the computer jobs now airforce can select  a clerks with minimum knowledge of computers and a technicians can be a good knowledge of computer opeartions can be selected directly to utilise the computers more in IAF.

And also every pilots may be supplied/issued with a book sized PC’s or note book Pc’s for their knowledge bankings.Instead of wasting at Briefing rooms for hours together they can be issued with CD’s of the subject concerend  and they can be evaluated with PC’s quest banks and experiences of their seniors and the behaviour of Fighter planes on air  extra can be easily taught.KEEP UP INDIAN AIR FORCE !!!! HATS OFF TO COMPUTERISATIONS????